How to Connect Arlo Camera to WiFi Extender?

How to Connect Arlo Camera to WiFi ExtenderHow to Connect Arlo Camera to WiFi Extender

How to Connect Arlo Camera to WiFi Extender – Getting Started

Connecting your Arlo camera to a WiFi extender is beneficial in many ways. You can decide upon its placement and position without thinking much about WIFI connectivity issues.

Moreover, WiFi extenders work as a perfect bridge between the devices while establishing a wireless connection with the router. Learn the difference between a Wi-Fi extender and a Wi-Fi booster.

Before you jump on to the process related to connecting the Arlo camera to the WiFi extender, you need to ensure that the WiFi extender has an Ethernet port.

Without it, you may not be able to get the desired result or output from either of the devices.

Recommended instructions regarding how to connect the Arlo camera to the WiFi extender

How to Connect Arlo Camera to WiFi Extender

How to Connect Arlo Camera to WiFi Extender – Recommended instructions

To start ahead with the process, you need to ensure the availability of :

• WiFi router
• WiFi Extender
• Arlo base station or Arlo Wireless Camera
• Ethernet Cable for Arlo base station

Afterward, you need to follow the below process:

• Install the provided WiFi range extender and carefully connect it to the WiFi network. You can use the user manual’s instructions to proceed with the task.
• Decide where you want to place the WiFi extender and the Arlo camera
• Power on the Arlo Camera and wait until it’s set up correctly for the connection with the WiFi extender
• Establish the connection between both devices by simply entering the SSID and password for the WIFI extender.
• Once the devices are connected, test their functioning via the Arlo app

The above procedure is only applicable to the Arlo Q camera, as it is the only Arlo camera that can be directly connected to the WiFi extender. Other Arlo cameras need to be first connected to a base station, and then you can establish the connection with the WiFi extender.

Additionally, the same rule stays applicable when connecting the Arlo base station to a WiFi extender.

• Set up the WiFi extender and connect it with your WiFi network. Use the setup instructions provided in the User manual in the package.
• Check for the Ethernet port in the WiFi extender
• Connect the Arlo camera to the base station while using the same WiFi network
• Establish the connection between the Arlo base station and the WiFi range extender while using an Ethernet cable.
• Power on the base station and wait for the Power LED and Internet LED on the front panel to blink green for approximately two minutes
• Both devices are now connected. Check for connections in the app and test the functionality via the app for the first time

FAQs regarding Arlo cameras and WiFi extenders

Q. Is there a WiFi extender for the Arlo Pro 2 camera?

A. Arlo Pro 2 camera requires a base station, so you cannot connect it directly with a WiFi extender at your home or office. Use the steps and instructions mentioned above for further reference.

Q. How far can the Arlo camera be from the base station?

A. You have to take care of the distance thing while positioning the Arlo wire-free cameras. The cameras can be placed at a maximum distance of 300 feet (90 meters) from the SmartHub or base station.

Please note that the same range can be lowered if there is an obstruction( Walls, ceilings, or trees) between the base station and the camera.

Q. Do I need to connect my Arlo camera to the WiFi router as well?

A. There is no need to create a separate connection between the WiFi router and the Arlo camera if you have already made it connected to the WiFi extender.

The WiFi extender will be working as a bridge between the Arlo Q camera and the router. The same rule applies when the base station is connected to the WiFi extender instead of the WiFi router.

Q. Can I connect the Arlo camera and WiFi extender without using an Ethernet cable?

A. No, you need an Ethernet cable to establish a connection between an Arlo camera and the WiFi extender.

This is due to the Arlo cameras’ functional mechanism that doesn’t support any other method while establishing a connection with the WiFi routers or WiFi extenders.

Bottom line for how to connect Arlo camera to WiFi extender

The process to connect an Arlo Q camera to a WiFi extender is simple and easy. All you need to do is buy a high-quality Ethernet cable and follow the instructions mentioned above.

Additionally, establish the connection between the Arlo camera and the base station first if you use any other Arlo camera model.

Try and re-establish the connection if the devices aren’t functioning correctly after getting connected.

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