How to Connect Blink Camera To Echo Show 5

How to Connect Blink Camera To Echo Show 5How to Connect Blink Camera To Echo Show 5

How to Connect Blink Camera To Echo Show 5? Getting Started

Connecting the Blink camera to Echo show 5 is quite easy given that you possess some basic technical skills.

Amazon acquired the Blink security product line recently and this is where they have added a new level of compatibility and ease for customers wishing to integrate their house with the most cutting-edge home technology.

This combination is a terrific method to link your home security seamlessly, thanks to the uninterrupted wireless connectivity, various command options, and remote convenience of the devices.

After connecting your Blink Outdoor Cameras to an Echo Show 5, you’ll have on-demand access to the cameras and live video feeds from them.

Furthermore, utilizing the feed with your voice provides a hands-free boost to a highly interactive user experience.

Linking the Blink Outdoor Camera with the Echo Show 5 further brings you more options for home security by allowing you to interact with your camera without having to use your phone.

Here, we bring you some easy and handy ways to connect your Blink Camera to your Echo Show 5.

Recommended steps  to connect Blink camera to Echo Show 5

Step 1: Download the Alexa app and sign up accordingly

The first thing you need to do here is to download the Alexa app. For all first-time users, the Alexa app is easily available on both Playstore and App store.

Afterward, log in to your Amazon account and open the menu in the lower right-hand corner. Once done, choose Skills and Games.

Locate the Blink Smarthome skill using the app’s search function.

Then choose Enable to Use. This step will lead you to your Blink account’s sign-in page.

Step 2: Connect Echo show 5 to your Blink camera

Do remember that if you don’t already have a Blink account, you’ll need to create one beforehand. Generate a four-digit pin for Alexa to be able to use smart functionalities.

This pin will provide you access to a variety of smart home functions, particularly if you have additional Blink devices installed, such as a security system that you can enable and disable using your voice.

To guarantee that your Blink Outdoor Camera is identified and linked, follow the instructions in the app.

If you run into any problems, click Discover Devices from the top menu. You may also give the device a name to make it easier to distinguish between many cameras( if you have more than one).

Why should you connect Blink camera with Echo show 5?

Connecting your Blink Camera to your Echo Show 5 will help you in a lot of ways. Here we list a few of the benefits of connecting your Blink camera to echo show 5.

  • Ask Alexa to “Show me”, followed by your device’s name to watch a live feed from each camera using a voice command. Your Echo Show 5 will instantly come up with the live stream.
  • Ask Alexa to “Show me the latest activity from the ( your Blink camera name),” and it will display the most recent video clip to you.
  • Check out your last motion alert by simply asking “Alexa, ask Blink when my last motion alert was?”

Points to ponder while connecting Blink Camera to Echo show 5

  • Please note that if you have multiple Blink cameras, Echo Show 5 can only display one live stream at a time. When you ask Alexa to provide live streams from each camera, though, simply switch between devices by including their name.
  • You can also improve your home security by using the routine feature in the Alexa app to add other related features.
  • If you have smart outdoor or interior lighting connected to your Alexa app, for example, selecting the routine function allows smart lighting to turn on when the Blink Outdoor Camera senses any motion. This practice may give safe lighting alternatives for visitors to your house or possibly prevent a trespasser.
  • When the Blink Outdoor Camera detects motion, the routine skill may turn on the smart lighting. This will further create an appearance that someone is home and watching outdoor activities, providing an additional security layer.

Bottom-line for how to connect Blink camera to Echo show 5

Users may control their Blink Outdoor Camera functionalities remotely by connecting it to their Echo Show 5.

When you connect your devices to the Alexa app, you can view a live feed from your camera. Besides, you can also use voice commands to manage the stream settings.

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