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Before mounting a Ring Stick-Up Cam, it’s essential to note a few preliminary steps.

In addition to charging the Ring Stick Up Cam’s battery, it’s crucial to configure the device in the Ring app before beginning the mounting procedure.

How to Set Up the Ring Stick Up Cam in the Ring App

Step 1. Installing the Ring App on Your Smart Device

The initial step involves downloading and installing the Ring app on your smart device, which is accessible via the Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. After installation, connect your Ring Stick Up Cam to a power source nearby.

Step 2. Creating an Account to Set Up the Ring Stick Up Cam

Existing Ring device owners can add the Ring Stick Up Cam to their list without creating a new account. New users should follow the in-app instructions to make an account.

Next, set up the device in the app by selecting ‘Set up a Device’ and scanning the QR code on the Ring Stick Up Cam.

You’ll receive a prompt asking permission to use your device’s location services. Enter the required details and confirm.

Your Ring Stick-Up Cam may not function optimally without precise location information. Specify the Ring Stick-Up Cam installation location as either Indoors or Outdoors based on your preferences. Additionally, consider the camera’s placement to maximize the effectiveness of its night vision and motion detection features.

Step 3. Connecting the Ring Stick Up Cam to the Wi-Fi Network

Connect the Ring Stick Up Cam to your Wi-Fi network. This process is automatic for Android devices, while iOS devices may require permission to initiate the connection.

Choose a Wi-Fi network close to the Ring Stick Up Cam’s location for optimal performance. After establishing a connection, test the device by checking live view, motion detection, and other features. With these steps completed, you can mount the Ring Stick Up Cam.

Recommended Steps for Mounting the Ring Stick-Up Cam

Step 1. Choosing the Ideal Location

With the Ring Stick Up Cam set up in the Ring app, the next phase involves physically mounting the device. Select a location that meets your surveillance requirements, whether a wall, table, shelf or another suitable spot. For table mounting, no additional tools are required. For other locations, proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Mounting the Stick Up Cam on a Wall

Begin by detaching the base of the Stick Up Cam using a screwdriver. Reattach the base to the back of the camera, ensuring the UP arrow is correctly oriented.

Remove the mounting bracket by sliding it off the base. Position the bracket against the wall with the UP arrow pointing upwards, then secure it with the provided screws.

Align the base grooves with the bracket hooks and press down to secure the camera to the wall. Review the live view and motion detection capabilities to verify the camera’s angle and height.

Considerations for Mounting the Ring Stick-Up Cam

  • Choosing the right location and height is crucial for maximizing the features of the Ring Stick Up Cam without interference.
  • Ensure the Ring Stick Up Cam and the smart device with the Ring app are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for seamless operation.
  • The Ring Stick Up Cam includes two optional security screw locations for attaching the mounting bracket to the base and securing the battery compartment.

Conclusion on Mounting the Ring Stick-Up Cam

The steps outlined above are designed to assist in successfully mounting the Ring Stick Up Cam. Refer to the user manual or contact Ring support for additional guidance or support.

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