How Many Blink Cameras Can You Have on One Module?

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How Many Blink Cameras Can You Have On One Module? – Overview

Blink cameras are one of Amazon’s newest products. These wireless security cameras can withstand extreme temperatures, intense wind, and rain.

Amazon even claims that it takes several minutes to set them up.

Sometimes included with Blink cameras is a Sync Module to pair with during setup. However, is this additional gadget necessary for Blink cameras to work?

Yes, Blink cameras need a compatible Sync Module to function.

The Sync module helps your camera connect to the internet, among other things we’ll discuss below. What’s more, the Sync module can connect up to ten cameras simultaneously.

Continue reading to learn more about the Blink Sync Module and why you should buy one, especially if you have one of Blink’s outdoor cameras.

Why Should You Use a Sync Module with Your Blink Camera?

Allows Your Camera to Connect to WiFi

Blink’s outdoor cameras don’t come with a WiFi chip; they are just cameras. But the Sync Module is different; it serves as the link between your camera and WiFi gateway, allowing your camera to connect to the web and relay information.

The Sync Module connects your camera to the internet and offers local storage options.

It even helps cut down lag time while capturing stills or videos. One downside is that sometimes, it can slow down your camera compared to other modules on the market.

Boosts Your Camera’s Battery Life

When you connect your Blink camera to the Sync Module, it can last for about two years on a single charge. Why? It’s because the module does all the ‘heavy lifting.’

What do we mean by heavy lifting? Since the Blink Sync Module has a constant source of power and is connected to your Blink camera, recording data doesn’t strain your camera, allowing its battery to last much longer.

Compare this to the Ring Doorbell, which doesn’t require a module, but its battery life is considerably less, usually about six months.

The Ring camera is responsible for its data capture, transmission, and WiFi connection.

Maintains a Stable WiFi Connection on Your Camera

Blink security cameras require a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection to function.

The cameras also need an internet connection to access Blink’s cloud framework, receive software updates and send notifications to your smartphone.

According to Blink, their Sync Module uses low-frequency radio signals to send data. But what does this mean?

It means that if appliances, concrete, or walls don’t block your module, it can depend on your WiFi network to maintain a stable connection.

It also enables your camera to go back online immediately if there is a power interruption.

Keep in mind that when there is a blackout, your camera won’t record any data, but you won’t have to power on your device once the power is back.

What Happens if You Don’t Use a Sync Module?

As indicated above, the Blink security camera is just a camera and nothing more. So, if you don’t get a Sync Module, your Blink cameras won’t work.

Your cameras won’t be able to connect to WiFi and transmit data without the module. What’s more, you can’t use the two-way audio and live stream built into the camera.

What About the Blink Mini?

The Blink Mini, unlike Blink Outdoor, doesn’t require a module, although you can still connect it to one. The Blink Mini is autonomous, and it can connect to WiFi.

This allows it to send data directly, making it more convenient for people who don’t have a USB port on their camera.

This means if your camera doesn’t have a USB, you can record the captured data on your smartphone so long as you’ve installed the Blink app.

The Blink Mini is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, so you can record in real time wherever you are without worrying about storage restrictions or transferring your clips to another device before reviewing them.

Can You Connect Multiple Smartphones to a Blink Sync Module?

The Blink Sync Module can be accessed from more than one smartphone. So everyone in your home can download the app and set up access to the module.

This allows them to know what’s happening at home, and you can also send them information on the app. So you can sign into as many devices as you like.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, the Sync module can connect up to ten Blink cameras. Not only does it connect your cameras to the web, but it also saves the camera’s battery life.

You can also use the Sync Module as local data storage if you don’t subscribe to Blink’s cloud storage plans.

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