Apple Unleashes HomePod Mini with Its New Color Variants

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Apple introduced new variants of its small smart speaker i.e. Apple HomePod Mini at the Apple event. The HomePod Mini gets three new color variants.

If you are planning to invest your money in Apple’s tiny smart speaker, then this article is worth a bookmark for you. Everything you need to know about Apple’s HomePod Mini and its new color variants is given in this article.

What is Apple HomePod Mini?

HomePod Mini is Apple’s ultimate smart speaker designed for Apple fanboys. If you owned an Apple Device and want to make the most of your device, then you should invest your money in Apple’s this smart speaker i.e. HomePod Mini.

The HomePod Mini lets you connect your iPhone to it for seamless use. You can play music, answer calls, and talk with the speaker using the default voice assistant i.e. Apple’s Siri.

The best thing about this smart speaker is it can be connected with all of your Apple devices including MacBook, iMac, and Apple TV. It is Apple’s Smart Hub designed to connect multiple devices to it for a seamless experience.

HomePod Mini: Features and Specifications

The HomePod Mini is a smaller edition to Apple’s HomePod Smart Speaker. Despite being small in size, the HomePod Mini packs all the features inside to make an ordinary room into a smart hub.

The company has made several changes to this smart speaker by adding a new set of features and color variants. Let’s check out the features and specifications of this device.

HomePod Mini - Features and Specifications

HomePod Mini – Features and Specifications


The new HomePod Mini carries the same size and design as its previous edition i.e. the total height of the device is just 3.3 inches.

The compact size makes it a perfect companion for you, you can take it anywhere you go. It is always there with you and ready to give answers and play music for you.

The HomePod Mini has a unique design. You can place it on any surface as it comes with a flat base. The unique acoustic waveguide design offers a 360-degree audio experience.


Apple is known for the quality of its products. You won’t be disappointed after hearing the sound quality of this tiny speaker.

The speaker offers loud audio with a crisp sound. It is good enough for a small party or get-together. Yes, it is that powerful.

The upgraded HomePod Mini is powered by Apple’s advanced Apple S5 Chip. It is more powerful than the previous edition of HomePod Mini.

Quick Synchronization

HomePod Mini is an ideal device for entertainment seekers as this tiny speaker is compatible to play your favorite music from Apple Music, Podcasts, and all the other premium music streaming services.

The HomePod Mini can be synchronized with other HomePod Mini devices for a seamless music experience. You can listen to the same music from different devices at the same time with quick synchronization.

Upgraded Siri

HomePod Mini smart speaker comes with a built-in voice assistant i.e. Siri. The speaker features an array of three microphones to capture your voice commands quickly. You can use the HomePod Mini just like your iPhone to get quick answers.

You can get many of your routine queries solved just by speaking to this speaker such as calendar events, upcoming festivals, current time, weather conditions and more.

The company has expanded Siri’s compatibility to multi-user. You can add multiple users to recognize by Siri which means multiple family members can speak and get quick responses from the HomePod Mini’s built-in Siri integration.

Supports Find My

The advanced voice assistant helps users recognize and find their lost devices with the Find My app integration. You can simply ask Siri to find you lose iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device loaded with Apple’s Find My app. The app plays a sound to locate the device.

Impressive Color Variants

The company has recently introduced three new color variants of Apple HomePod Mini to compete against Google’s Nest Mini Smart Speakers and Amazon’s Dot Smart Speaker. The company has introduced bright color variants with Orange, Blue, and Yellow color variants.

Apple HomePod Mini 2021- What’s new?

Apple’s new HomePod Mini receives three new color variants with Blue, Yellow, and Orange. Until now, we have only two color variants of the HomePod Mini i.e. White and Black.

From now, the HomePod Mini has five color variants which include White, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Orange. The color-matched design of the HomePod Mini makes the device look more elegant.

Apple HomePod Mini 2021- What’s new

Apple HomePod Mini 2021- What’s new

Apple has introduced its new Apple Music Voice Subscription service to listen to your favorite music through the built-in voice assistant i.e. Siri.

This cheaper service lets you access the huge library of Apple Music using the Siri Voice Assistant. The service will be widely available in December for $4.99 per month.

The newly introduced Apple HomePod Mini carries the same price tag i.e. $99. The new color variants of the Apple HomePod Mini will be available for purchase from the next month i.e. November.

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