HP Chromebook Won’t Turn On? Here is the Fix

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HP Chromebook Won’t Turn On, Now What?

There are many reasons why your HP Chromebook won’t turn on “out of nowhere”. You may be using a faulty charger or some issues with the software that facilitates the booting process.

The troubleshooting process would get hard as the Chromebook isn’t turning on at all in the first place.

The following list of troubleshooting steps may help you get to the bottom of the issue faster.

Troubleshooting steps to follow if your HP Chromebook won’t turn on

Step 1. Physical Layer

First, conduct a basic physical inspection of the device. Hardware-level issues are sometimes much easier to identify and are much easier to solve if the issue is about connectivity.


Loose connectivity between the charging cable and your Chromebook is one of the most optimistic scenarios. Confirm that both ends of the charging cable are properly connected.

Liquid Damage

Since the HP Chromebook isn’t water-resistant, liquid sneaking into its motherboard might be a worst-case scenario.

If you happen to accidentally expose your Chromebook to liquid (hopefully water) turn it off immediately, disconnect the battery and leave it upside-down as long as you can

Do not try to dry it with a hair blower as things get worse pretty quickly if the liquid contains sugar. Dry air can cause the liquid get attach to the internal hardware permanently.

Angry Gamer Damage

Some users slam their HP Chromebooks out of frustration due to random reasons.  The HP Chromebook is a compact device with tiny parts and accessories inside.

Hence, even a slight tap on the screen or the keyboard may cause some physical damage to the device.

So, just in case you find something like that, the HP Chromebook is likely not starting for the same reason.

Otherwise, you must continue the physical inspection while looking for spots with some water residue or moisture.

It’s always advisable to take the HP Chromebook to the service for severe physical issues.

If you still have a warranty, avoid disassembling your HP Chromebook device yourself, as it may result in a warranty suspension.

You can move on to the next step if you cannot find any physical and liquid damage on the HP Chromebook.

Step 2. Try opening the lid of the HP Chromebook

Chromebooks turn on automatically while opening the lid ( given the device has 5% or more battery left).

Therefore, as you have already checked for any physical or liquid damage on the body, this must be your next step in the same direction.

If the HP Chromebook doesn’t turn on even after opening the lid, you can assume that the battery is below 5%, and it’s better to move on to step number 3.

Step 3. Press and hold the power button

As you have tried turning on the HP Chromebook by opening the lid, you must now look forward to powering it by pressing and holding the power button.

It’s a given that the HP Chromebook won’t turn on by opening the lid if the battery is less than 5%.

Still, it must turn on (provided there aren’t any serious issues with the device) once you press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds.

Step 4. Put the HP Chromebook on charge

Go for this step only after checking for any visible liquid damage on the HP Chromebook.

There’s every possibility that the HP Chromebook won’t turn on due to a drained battery. So, you must recharge the battery while following the steps below.

  • Connect the HP Chromebook AC adapter to a power outlet. Try connecting it directly to the outlet without using any secondary power source.
  • Once through, you must connect the other end of the HP Chromebook AC adapter to the device.
  • Afterward, check the battery status on the HP Chromebook. Indicator light. If it shows Green, wait for it to turn amber and then press the power button to check whether the HP Chromebook turns on. If it doesn’t respond while getting heated up, plug off the charger and take it straight to the store.
  • If the device isn’t heated up, try charging it for 10 minutes and then turn it on by pressing the power button. In case of no response, move on to the next step.

Step 5. Try performing the Embedded Controller (EC) reset on the HP Chromebook

Opt for this step only when you have passed the above steps. There is a possibility that the device is just frozen, and this is why the HP Chromebook won’t turn on.

This is where performing the EC reset is always a great idea to go ahead with.

Gently press and hold the power and refresh buttons for 3 seconds. If the device boots up, consider yourself lucky and give yourself a big pat on the back for all the hard work.

If it still doesn’t respond, you must bring it to the HP store without wasting more time and effort.

Bottom-line for HP Chromebook won’t turn on

Carefully go through the abovementioned steps if you find it hard to turn on the HP Chromebook.

Moreover, you can also consult with HP customer care for added support and assistance.

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