How to Setup HP Elite X2 Docking Station

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HP Elite X2 docking station comes over as one of the most powerful and effective devices that can let you connect your desktop or laptop to multiple devices with the utmost ease.

This is the advanced wireless dock that will allow the laptop or desktop to get connected wirelessly to the devices like keyboards, monitors, and other displays.

It also makes use of the other network connections. The wireless dock can provide a connection to the USB, microphone, headphone, display port, Ethernet, and microphone.

That said, you will get the option for managing the devices attached to the dock in a precise and streamlined manner

A detailed review of the HP Elite X2 docking station

The management of these devices to the dock also becomes an effortless task. The wireless dock makes use of wigig Technology for the connection of the computer to the devices.

So, you can rest assured about getting a fast connection speed over a short distance. It will also give you the options for connecting HP notebook or tablet running on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1.

It can provide a wide spectrum of availability of radio signals. These signals can also travel short distances at a good speed.

The speed works better within about three meters of the communicating devices. Overall, the connection speed starts dropping rapidly when the distance between the devices increases.

In addition to that, the 60 gigahertz spectrum cannot travel through the walls or other objects so you must take care of the same aspect during its usage.

Setting up the HP Elite X2 docking station

  • First of all, you have to unpack the bundle and make sure that every device and accessory is included with the package i.e HP advanced wireless Dock, the quick setup guide, Faster AC adaptor with the power cord, as well as a warranty card.
  • Now build the AC adaptor’s connection to the power connector that you will find on the wireless dock.
  • You have to connect all the power cords to the AC adaptor and start connecting the other end to the electrical outlet.
  • Then, you have to just turn the dock in the ON position. In case you wish, you can connect the external display device cable to the correct port that you can find on the wireless dock. The wireless dock will support the ‘dual-mode with display port’ and the VGA connections.
  • You have to start positioning the tablet around 4 feet from the wireless dock and see no objects lying between the wireless dock and the tablet. You will see that the wireless dock containers come with a range of 120 degrees.
  • For pairing the dock with the tablet, you have to just configure the tablet for automatically connecting. When the tablet comes within the range of the connection options, the device’s management goes easy On the system tray on the tablet, you will have to click or tap on Intel wireless gigabit dock manager icon.
  • There, you have to select the desired dock from the list of the available docks. When it prompts you for the pairing process, you will have to press the button on top of the dock to confirm the pairing.
  • The wireless light pulse will start blinking to show that the dock is getting paired. Once it turns solid white, you can rest assured that the pairing is successful.
  • In case the display is asking you whether or not you want to configure the automatic connection to the dock, you will have to click on “yes”. There are also other options for changing the name of the docking station for which you will have to go to the system tray and click or tap the icon that you get prompted with instantly
  • Then, the device manager will be opening and display the current connection status. You have to click on dock management and type the name of the wireless dock that you want and make the changes in the name field. When prompted, you have to click on “yes”.
  • The devices are successfully connected and paired. You can now go ahead with your required tasks

Bottom-line for HP Elite X2 docking station

This HP docking station can prove fruitful for all your multitasking efforts. Still, setting it up may come over as a hectic task.

So, by going through the guidelines and steps mentioned above, you can easily get ahead with the same task.

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