How to Delete Wi-Fi History on a Wi-fi Router in 6 Steps

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How to Delete History from Wi-Fi Router?

Many users are unaware that their Wi-Fi router maintains logs of the websites visited by any device connected to the network, even in incognito mode.

This can pose significant privacy concerns, making it crucial to manage your data proactively. Using a VPN or deleting your router’s history are effective measures for enhancing privacy.

Follow this guide to learn how to access and erase the history logged by your router.

6 Steps for Deleting History from Wi-Fi Router

Step 1: Find the router’s IP address

You’ll need its IP address to modify your router’s settings via a web browser. Typically, this is an 8-digit figure formatted as ‘192.168.x.x’.

This information can be found in the router’s manual or Command Prompt on a Windows PC.

If the manual is unavailable, type ‘cmd’ in the Windows search bar, or press ‘WIN + R’ and type cmd. This action will open the Command Prompt.

In the Command Prompt, enter: ipconfig/all, then hit Enter.

How to Delete History from Wi-Fi Router - ipconfig

How to Delete History from a Wi-Fi Router

Search for the ‘Default Gateway‘ value in the results. This number is your router’s IP address. Common IP addresses include,, and

How to Delete History from Wi-Fi Router - default gateway

How to Delete History from a Wi-Fi Router – default gateway

Step 2: Open your router settings

How to Delete Wi-Fi Router History - Enter your router IP address

How to Delete Wi-Fi Router History – Enter your router IP address

With your IP address handy, enter it into your browser’s address bar to access the router’s login page.

The default username and password are often found in the router’s manual. If the manual is missing, the manufacturer’s website may list the default login details for your router model.

Should you forget your password, consider resetting the router to its factory settings.

Most routers have “admin” as the default username and “1234” as the password, but this can vary. Refer to the router’s backside for any printed default credentials.

Input your admin username and password to access the settings dashboard.

Step 3: Visit the system logs

Router history logs are typically found in the dashboard’s system logs or Administrative Events Log section.

The exact location of this section depends on the router’s brand and is usually accessible via the navigation bar.

It’s important to note that most consumer-grade routers log network events without capturing detailed browsing history. Detailed logs are more common in business-grade routers like those from Netgear Armor or Synology.

Step 4: Delete your browser history

Remember, clearing your Wi-Fi router’s history is only part of maintaining privacy. You should also delete your web browser’s history.

If you encounter any issues with these steps, consider consulting a local IT professional for assistance.

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