How to Connect Camera on Chromebook?

How to Connect Camera on Chromebook

All new Chromebooks have an inbuilt camera. The internal webcam of your Chromebook may be limited in the quality and angles of images it can produce.

To overcome the internal camera problems, you can use an external webcam.

Confirm that the external webcam you want to use is compatible with your Chromebook. Then, connect it to your Chromebook via a USB port to use.

The Process Of Connecting a Camera To Your Chromebook

  1. Purchase an external webcam that is compatible with your Chromebook.

    How to Connect Camera on Chromebook

    How to Connect Camera on Chromebook

  2. Check that the webcam is compatible with Chrome OS, the operating software that runs the Chromebook. Non-compatible webcams will not work on your device.
  3. Connect your webcam to the Chromebook through a USB port.
  4. Open your Chrome browser.
  5. On the right-hand side, and click on Menu.How to Connect Camera on Chromebook
  6. When Menu opens up, click on settings, then advanced settings.
  7. When the privacy settings open up, click on Content Settings.
  8. When content settings open up, go to the Media section. Click on Camera. In the dropdown that appears, click on the name of your external webcam.
  9. Your webcam is now successfully connected to your Chromebook and ready to use. If you want to record videos with it, you will have to download apps compatible with the Chromebook.

    How to Connect Camera on Chromebook

    How to Connect Camera on Chromebook

Why Use An External Webcam With Your Chromebook

The inbuilt Chromebook webcam is not always what you want to use. It will not always meet your needs for why you want to use a webcam.

You can install an external webcam on your Chromebook for easy movement of your camera.

External webcams are flexible and can move about even when attached to your Chromebook. You don’t have to move or turn your Chromebook.

You can quickly turn the camera to focus on something else.

The inbuilt camera is limited only to the specifications of the manufacturer. However, you can affordably purchase an external webcam with better picture quality.

It is easy to improve what you see with your Chromebook camera by purchasing an external webcam.

Most external webcams will have better sound than inbuilt webcams as they have better microphones. An external webcam can easily pick sound from any direction and over a given distance.

Using an external webcam ensures that you have the best webcam for all your needs.

If you need better sound or better picture quality on your Chromebook, an external webcam will help solve this problem.

What To Do When You Have Problems With Your Chromebook Camera

Camera issues are rare on a Chromebook. However, if they happen, you can quickly fix any camera issues you have on your Chromebook.

All you need to do is reset the settings of your Chrome browser. Click on the three buttons on the right-hand side and then click on Settings.

From Settings, click on Advanced Settings then, Reset Settings. Your browser will automatically restore to default settings.

You can now use your internal camera or external webcam without a problem. Your external webcam is detected by the Chromebook as soon as you connect it through the USB port.

Can I Use The Chromebook Camera When I Have An External Webcam

You can resume the use of your Chromebook camera if you are using an external webcam. First, disconnect your external webcam. You can now use your Chromebook camera automatically.

To start the camera app on your Chromebook, click on the lower left side circle to bring up a search panel. Search for the camera and click enter.

Click on the camera app when it appears to open up the camera,

The Chromebook camera is now ready for use.

Do You Always Need An External Webcam On Your Chromebook

No. You may need an external webcam depending on the model of your Chromebook and when the internal camera doesn’t meet your needs.

Different Chromebook models will have different camera specifications. If the camera on the Chromebook you are using is not up to your expected standards, you can always use an external webcam.

Using an internal webcam is fast and easy. Click on it, and the camera opens on your screen ready to use. Follow the above process to connect your external camera to your Chromebook.


The Chromebook comes with an internal camera. Depending on what you need the camera for, the inbuilt camera may not meet your needs.

You can purchase an external webcam and easily connect it to the Chromebook following the above process. An external camera ensures that your webcam needs are met easily.

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