Top 10 Fastest Growing Fintech Companies

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Fastest Growing Fintech Companies – Overview

If you are searching for some of the fastest-growing fintech companies you have come across the right article. Most financial institutions and startups are investing in fintech, or financial technology, to raise industry standards.

Why Fintech Is a Growing Industry?

Fastest Growing Fintech Companies

Fastest Growing Fintech Companies – Why Fintech is a growing industry

Four main factors are helping this industry to grow. This section will describe these four pillars and their contribution to Fintech’s growth.

1. Technology

Technology is something that can only function in a virtual universe. It boosts automation and saves a significant amount of time and work. Companies may reach a bigger audience by using mobile applications or web services. These companies can complete their target with less manpower with the help of technology and save a lot of money.

2. Regulations

Regulations can make the work more challenging for the financial industry. Meanwhile, fintech companies can introduce new financial products more easily and make things less rigid.

3. Maturity

Another reason behind the growth of these fintech companies is evolution and maturity. They have reinvented certain banking services and products and gained more significant access to the capital.

4. Customer Expectations

Fintech companies offer greater accessibility and faster services with minimum charges. This makes fintech companies more attractive and trustworthy to customers.

10 Fastest Growing Fintech Companies

1. Affirm

Max Levchin is the CEO of Affirm. It focuses on developing honest, simple, and easy financial products to improve consumers’ lives. Their payment methods are quite easy and less time-consuming. There are no hidden charges; they prefer to make their products transparent and trustworthy.

2. Bakkt

Gavin Michael is the CEO of Bakkt. This company focuses more on the unlocking and reimagining value of digital assets like gift cards, bitcoins, loyalty points, rewards, cryptocurrency, etc.

3. Dwolla

Brandy Harris is the CEO of Dwolla. The company values client satisfaction and innovation. Their objective is to produce more money simply and securely. They serve multiple local consumers and local businesses.

Creativity is a big part of their business model. Multiple big industries, like healthcare, real estate, insurance, etc, find Dwolla trustworthy and attractive as their partner.

4. PEX

Toffer Grant is the CEO and founder of PEX. PEX is a New York fintech company that was founded in 2006. It is a well-trusted company that believes in innovation and comprehension. They allow their customers to issue cards for different applications.

Their technology can track and manage spending to make the process more convenient, trustworthy and transparent. PEX has served more than 10,000 customers successfully.

5. PayStand

Jeremy Almond is the CEO and Co-founder of PayStand. It is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies, and its mission is to develop a more open financial system. They use cloud technology and blockchains to automate and digitize the cash lifecycle.

They are trying to revolutionize business-to-business payments by reducing their struggle with paper-driven processes.

6. FreedomPay, Inc.

The president of FreedomPay, Inc. is Chris Kronenthal. It is a tech company that offers a smooth experience to its customers. International brands from different sectors like hospitality, education, food and beverage, and retail trust and strongly partner with this company.

FreedomPay, Inc. tries to develop customer loyalty and optimize the data management system. They are a safe, trustworthy, advanced, and user-friendly platform that makes digital transactions more convenient and smooth for customers.

7. SigFig

Mike Sha is the co-founder and CEO of SigFig. It is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies that believes in redesigning the financial landscape. They have developed the best financial technology focused on putting their customers at the center of the service experience.

SigFig has built an ecosystem of needs discovery, digital wealth solutions, remote collaboration, etc., accelerating the reformation process. They use data science, design, and technology to offer knowledge and guidance to the customers to manage all their financial goals.

8. Trumid

Ronnie Mateo is the founder and co-CEO of this company. Trumid is a fintech company that is trying to build a trading network for the future. They believe in maintaining the safety and integrity of trading practices. These days, different companies depend on trading to develop and expand their businesses.

Trumid offers its customers an engaging trading medium by combining user-friendly designs, the latest technological developments, and financial expertise. They are trying to use their years of experience in the financial environment to understand the pattern and user behavior to develop a central platform that can fight all the challenges directly.

9. Templum

Christopher Pallotta is the CEO and founder of Templum. They provide higher capital market infrastructure for different alternative and private securities. Their goal is to allow investors to access some nontraditional assets as well.

By combining market expertise and agile technology, Trumid optimizes credit trading experience. They prefer to partner with different transfer agents, industry-leading custodians, and compliance platforms for providing their customers with a marketplace solution.

10. VizyPay

Austin Mac Nab is the CEO and founder of this company. VizyPay generally provides technology solutions in payment for multiple businesses in the US. They develop several innovative tools to help you grow your business.

VizyPay offers month-to-month contracts and extraordinary customer support to help small businesses. They believe in a customer-centric structure and transparent pricing and provide unique solutions for every customer.

They support on-the-go merchants with mobile payments, online businesses with shopping cart facilities, companies that offer professional services, and restaurant and retail locations with POS integrations and physical terminals.


The world of technology is evolving with different new ambitions and goals. Technology makes everything so smoother and more accessible and also saves a lot of time and money. Only the 10 fastest growing fintech companies are mentioned in this article, whereas many more are multiplying in today’s market.

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