How to Hide Photos on iPhone

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How to Hide Photos on iPhone – Overview

One of the iPhone’s best privacy features is hiding your photos and videos in a folder that is not visible while scrolling through your main album. Apple has always cared about the privacy features in iOS. And that’s what makes her different from any other smartphone: the “Safety Check,” which can be used to delete any access granted to others, such as data or location and the “Emergency Reset,” which doesn’t allow data sharing with people and apps.

But iOS came with the new privacy feature that people had been waiting for, which allows users to control visible photos and videos and what should be kept away from other people’s eyes.

In this article, we will discuss exactly how to hide your photos and videos in a separate folder and how to protect them with face ID and how to retrieve them.

How to hide photos on your iPhone’s Photo app

If you want to hide your photos, you should first place them in the hidden folder that comes by default with every iPhone and you can also use the same steps on the iPad:

1- Launch the Photos app and select all the photos you want to hide.

2-Press on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, then choose “Hide” from the drop-down menu.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

How to Hide Photos on iPhone – Hide Option

3. Confirm that you want to hide these photos by tapping the “Hide Photo” option.

Hide Confirmation

This way, all the selected photos would be sent to the hidden folder and no longer appear in your camera roll.

If you want to locate your hidden folder:

1- Open the Photos app and head to the Album section from the menu at the bottom of your screen.

2- In the Album screen, scroll down to the utilities section, where you will find your hidden folder.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

Utilities Section

How to protect your hidden photos with Face ID

As mentioned above, all the photos have been stored in the hidden folder, yet anyone can have access to the hidden folder, so if you want to lock it with Face ID, you should follow the following steps:

1- Head to settings and press on the photos app.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

Photos App in Settings

2- Scroll down to the “Use Face ID” option and ensure it is toggled on.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

Use Face ID

This way, you have added an additional layer of protection to your photos and the recently deleted ones, as it will require face ID to access them.

How to Hide Your Hidden Album

If you are still facing security issues and want to add protection to your album, you can hide the hidden folder.

1- Head to settings and press on the photos app.

2- Scroll down, locate the “Show Hidden Album” option, and ensure it is toggled off.

How to lock photos on your iPhone in the Notes app

If some of the hidden photos are wanted to be used in your notes app, you can still hide them by following the next steps, which can also be used on iPad:

1- Open the photo that you want to hide by tapping on it.

2- Select the “Share” option that is located in the bottom left corner of the screen, which looks like an arrow.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

How to Hide Photos on iPhone – Sharing Selected Photos

3- Scroll through the list until you find the Notes app. You can tap “More Options” to locate it if you don’t.

4- Tap on the “Create New Note” button.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

How to Hide Photos on iPhone – Adding Picture to Note

5- Press Save in the upper right corner of the screen.

Remember that you can use multiple photos in one note, which you can select all of before sharing them with the note app and they will all be hidden.

6- Open the note that you have just created.

7- Select the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

8- Choose the “Lock” option from the menu and now you can either use a password and add a hint or lock it with your face ID.

How to Hide Photos on iPhone

How to Hide Photos on iPhone – Setting Password to Note

9- Select “Done” and remove the photos from the main album.

This way, you would make sure that all of your photos are safely hidden in the Notes app, away from unwanted eyes.


We all have our reasons to hide the photos, whether they are personal photos that you don’t want your colleagues at work to see or they are susceptible photos related to your job position that no one should get to. We are not here judging you but trying to keep your photos safe and hidden.

Starting from iOS 14, Apple has been improving its privacy features and that’s what makes it a step ahead of any other competitor and iOS 16 has made it much better, so make sure to follow the steps on either your iPhone or iPad to hide all of your photos.

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