What is Android Auto?

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What is Android Auto? – Overview

High-tech advancements are prevailing in this era. Reports show that 18.93 % of the exports manufactured in the USA were high-tech exports.

It’s no secret that high-tech companies like Google are increasingly creating tools to help mankind to improve their lifestyle. Among these innovations, we can mention what is android auto and how it’s beneficial.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is an operating system that aims to help users get around somewhere in their cars.

It is an application for integration between Android systems and multimedia centers of vehicles from various automakers.

Hence, it allows the user to have an optimized and secure version of the operating system when driving without being placed at risk.

The application gives space to a series of functionalities that are perfectly integrated to direct technology through simple usability and access.

The system can be controlled by touch on the car panel or through two voice commands part of Android operation.

The ISSO will create a friendly platform for the motorist’s applications in his car, allowing him to drive safely without opening up more comfort and the facilities provided by technology and connectivity.

What are the Functionalities of the Application?

One of the main functionalities is the fully integrated and optimized use of Google Maps (and the possibility of optimization development by other software and GPS).

The application transforms the central into a perfect system for a car GPS, receiving voice and touch commands specially designed for the motorist.

What is Android Auto

What is Android Auto – What are the Functionalities of the Application

Furthermore, the integration allows the system to offer information about the weather and optimize the essential functions of the cell phone, such as calls, contacts, and all the methods available through Google Play.

Now that you know what is android auto, we’ll cover which devices and vehicles it supports.

Which Phones Support Android Auto?

The user who runs Android OS versions 9 or lower will need to download the free Android Auto app from the Google Play Store, but phones running Android 10 come with the functionality built-in.

That way, any phone with Android 5.0 or higher operating data can use the tool. So you don’t need the latest device to use it.

Your phone must have a working USB port to connect to the car, although newer Android phones from Samsung and others may support wireless Android Auto connections on a small but growing list of vehicles.

Which Vehicles are Compatible?

Due to the high dynamism of the automobile market, there is a tendency for the list of cars compatible with Android Auto to increase rapidly.

The compatibility depends on the integration capabilities between the multimedia center of the vehicle and the application.

Some cars from Chevrolet, Honda, and a long list of Volkswagen cars are compatible with Android Auto.

Officials of assemblers such as Ford, Fiat, Hyundai, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi have announced that they guarantee that their next cars will bring the ability to transform their centers into an extension of the user’s Android cell phone.

4 Advantages of Android Auto

Knowing a little more about what is android auto is, it is also essential to understand its advantages.

1. Using your voice

You can control the functions of the android auto on your car’s display simply through voice command.

You only have to say “Hey Google,” and then you can use google assistant’s voice command features on your car. Whether you want to play music or get directions to a certain location, android auto enables it all for you.

2. Allows better attention on the road

When using an application such as Google Maps to carry out a route, you don’t need to use the smartphone screen. You can focus on the way and the streets since everything is in a larger version of the panel.

3. Ease of file transfer

Another positive point is the ease of transferring files downloaded at home. The user can use Wi-Fi at home, save certain content, and when transferring it to the cell phone, it also reaches the car service.

For example, if the driver goes to a city he doesn’t know, he saves many useful places like restaurants, malls, etc.

When he arrives with the car, he doesn’t have to waste time and attention connecting his cell phone since everything is already saved and ready to use with Android Auto.

4. No need to use the phone

Everything being in the vehicle itself dramatically reduces the risk of distractions by taking the smartphone in hand.

Even if it is to activate a valuable service, such as Maps, the driver may end up seeing a notification on WhatsApp or social networks, which creates risks. With Android Auto, you don’t have to pick up your phone for anything.

In addition to integrating the vehicle’s multimedia center via USB, the user’s smartphone must have a version equivalent to or higher than Android 5.0 for the application to work correctly.


Have you ever used or want to use Android Auto? It offers many valuable features while driving, but don’t let it distract you on the road.

Use voice commands to keep yourself and others as safe as possible and be careful when driving. Hope this article helps you out. Have a safe journey!

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