How to Setup Blink Camera?

How to Setup Blink CameraHow to Setup Blink Camera

Setting up the Blink camera is easy. Just download and install the Blink app and proceed with the following steps and instructions.

Recommended steps for how to setup blink camera

How to Setup Blink Camera

How to Setup Blink Camera – Recommended steps

Step 1. Getting started

You first need to set up the Blink system and add a Blink camera to it. Launch the Blink app and create an account while entering the required details.

Afterward, you have to add a sync module while developing the system. To get the same task done, go to the blink app’s home screen and select the add device icon.

The Add Device screen displays your device options:

Blink wireless camera system – This system incorporates a Sync Module and Blink Outdoor, Indoor (2nd Generation), XT2, XT, or 1st Generation Indoor camera.

Blink wireless camera – This option brings aboard a Blink Outdoor, Indoor (2nd Generation), XT2, XT, or 1st Generation Indoor camera post the Sync Module addition.

Mini camera – The Mini camera doesn’t need a Sync Module as it runs through its system. Still, a Mini camera will function like other Blink cameras once it is added to a system monitored by the Sync Module.

Once done, you have to look for the serial number of the device. The blink app would require permission to access the camera on your smart device.

Select okay to allow the blink app to scan the QR code while entering the serial number.

You can also deny access by selecting ‘Don’t Allow’ and can then enter the serial number manually.

You can look for the QR code and serial number on the device itself. Afterward, create a new system by selecting the text entry box and selecting the name.

Afterward, tap on ‘done to continue. The sync module screen will then prompt you to plug in the sync module.

Finish up with the process and then wait for the light pattern of blinking blue and steady green.

Step 2. Connecting the sync module to the Wi-Fi network

As you see this pattern on your Sync module, select ‘Discover Device”. The blink app then requires connecting to the Sync modules to a Wi-Fi network.

It would be marked as blink and then followed by four digits of the Sync Module serial number.

Select Join and then you’ll be prompted to join your Local Wi-Fi network. The Add Sync module screen will then display all the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks within the range.

The Sync Module also stores network information for all the devices that are added to its systems.

If it doesn’t prompt you to any local Wi-Fi network, select Refresh list at the bottom of the screen. When you select the Wi-Fi network name, you require entering the password correctly.

Select JOIN to proceed with the further procedure.

Once the network setup process is completed, you will get a notification on the screen.

Select DONE to finish up with the installation process and proceed towards the blink app welcome screen to add the camera to the device list.

Step 3. Adding a camera

To add a blink camera to the system, select the +( plus) symbol on the Blink App home screen. Afterward, select the blink wireless camera option and gently scan the QR code sticker available inside the Blink camera’s back cover.

Once the Blink system tracks the serial number, you will be prompted with the camera onboarding screen.

You will then receive a message prompting the successful setup of the camera device. Select DONE and the app will make you proceed towards the home screen.

In case you want to add more cameras to the Blink system, simply repeat the steps mentioned above.

Moreover, if you face any issues during the same process, try to remove the device and then add it again to the system.

As your Blink camera is successfully set up, check for the camera positioning and placement according to your needs and preference.

Most of the Blink cameras are sensitive to hot and humid surroundings. Hence, keeping them under shade is highly recommended.

Also, do check for the Wi-Fi signal on the given location to ensure your Blink camera’s proper functioning.

In case the Wi-Fi signals are weak, and you can’t even change the location, opt for a Wi-Fi extender for the best results.

Additionally, do check the live view of the Blink camera after its setup. This way, you can test its efficiency and performance to avoid any future issues.

Bottom-line for How to setup blink camera

The setup process solely depends on the blink camera model you are using. Still, the method mentioned above will help you establish the connection between the device and the blink system.

Refer to the user manual provided with the camera package for any further reference or place a call to Blink support.

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