Blink Vs Wyze

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Blink Vs. Wyze

Considering about one million home break-ins happen in the US annually, investing in a home security camera is a great idea and a solid burglar deterrent.

However, times have changed, and getting a home security system doesn’t require breaking the bank.

A lot of people still think that security equipment is expensive with lengthy contracts, but today, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Blink Mini and Wyze Cam V3 are two key examples of how home security cameras can be affordable yet effective.

We’re talking about under $40 for each, and both are virtually ready to protect your home right out of the box. This is an affordable way to protect your home both on-site and remotely.

So, which is the better security camera, the Blink Mini and Wyze Cam V3? Below, we’ll discuss each camera’s good and bad to help you decide which is the better option.


All of Blink’s cameras are compatible with Double-A 1.5V lithium non-rechargeable batteries. The battery life spans two years, depending on your usage.

Blink says that slow internet and a weak signal between the cameras can considerably reduce your camera’s battery life.

If you need to replace the battery, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA battery is your best bet because it comes highly recommended by Blink.

Ensure that you don’t use Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) batteries because they are incompatible with Blink cameras.

The Wyze V3 Cam, on the other hand, has an in-built battery. Wyze claims that the battery can last anywhere from three to six months.

Once the battery is drained, you can charge it with a power cable. The only thing you need to do is connect the camera to its base station.

Blink might be better if you don’t want to mess with cables. Blink has powered cameras; once you connect the battery, it can last up to two years.


The booth cameras record in Full HD (1080p). The Blink Mini has a 110° field of view, while the Wyze Cam sports a slightly larger field of view, coming in at 130°.

While both camera cameras perform relatively well in low-light conditions, the Wyze Cam is better thanks to its added benefit of night color vision.

The additional color offers a better color context for what’s happening within the footage.

Monthly Cost

Blink allows you to store footage locally or in the cloud. Depending on the package, the cloud option attracts charges ranging between $3 and $10 per month.

Wyze also has affordable prices, such as the Cam Plus Plan, which supports continuous recording and attracts a monthly fee of $1.99 per camera.

Professional Monitoring

Neither Blink nor Wyze offers professional monitoring in their subscription plans.

However, Wyze has an extra service known as ‘Wyze Home Monitoring,’ so if you want to protect virtually all areas in your home, consider subscribing to this service.


The Blink Mini uploads motion clips on Blink’s cloud infrastructure. You can review the footage anytime using the Blink app.

Within 60 days, you can download and share the footage. After the 60 days are over, the footage is deleted permanently.

But, if you want to save any clips, you can expand the storage via the Blink storage module USB flash drive. Unfortunately, the Blink Mini doesn’t support continuous recording.

The Wyze Cam, on the other hand, supports continuous recording. You can even equip the camera with a Wyze micro SD card and record footage continuously.

The cloud option is available if you sign up for one of Wyze’s plans. If you want unlimited video recording, the Wyze Cam Plus Plan is what you should get.

Trial Period

Blink offers a 30-day trial period for all new customers. During this period, you can enjoy all the features of the Blink Plus plan.

If you’re satisfied with the plan, you can continue using it for $2.99 monthly or subscribe to the Plus Plan to enjoy more features.

Wyze offers a 14-day trial period for all new customers. During this period, they can enjoy all the features of the Cam Plus plan.

Once the trial period lapses, the Cam Plus subscription is automatically renewed because a credit card has to be attached during sign-up.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, the Wyze Cam is the better pick and worth the extra $1 over the Blink Mini.

This isn’t to say that the Blink Mini isn’t good; we’re simply saying that the Wyze Cam offers better value for money, especially color night vision, making it better overall.

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