5 of the Best Xbox Games for Kids

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Best Xbox Games for Kids

The top Xbox titles for kids are engaging, fun, and relatively easy to understand.

They are games that portray the high-quality nature of Xbox games while being designed for a younger audience so that gamers of all ages can enjoy the Xbox series of consoles.

Children aren’t alike, so while parents and guardians can judge best what’s appropriate for their children, most kids should be able to play most if not all of the games on this list without supervision.

Some games occasionally call for parental guidance depending on the child’s age and skill level, but they generally are games your kid can handle solo.

You’ll see titles known to kids, such as Marvel Superheroes and Minecraft.

There is also a chance for kids to come into contact with traditionally ‘adult’ genres, albeit in a cuter and child-friendly format such as Plants vs. Zombies. Let’s look at some of the best Xbox games for kids.

1. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Best Xbox Games for Kids

Best Xbox Games for Kids – Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Any Lego game is a dream for kids and adults looking for something not too demanding, but the Lego Marvel Collection is delightful because it’s a two-disc set containing three games.

These include Lego Marvel Avengers, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, & Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 as well as the DLC (downloadable content) for each title.

Combined, that implies a massive amount of content for you and your kids to play solo or together.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the best-selling Lego video title of all time. It has 27 main side and story tasks to finish, while Lego Marvel Avengers has over 200 playable characters.

These include virtually all Marvel heroes you ever liked with over 800 distinct body moves to press forward through boss battles and puzzle sections.

2. Microsoft Minecraft Master Collection

Microsoft Minecraft Master Collection

Minecraft is a vital piece of culture, but it’s also a great and immersive experience for kids. It allows them to design and build whatever they want from Minecraft’s building blocks, and the only thing holding them back is their imagination.

This Xbox version supports impressive distances and massive worlds, so the gaming experience feels kinds of like an infinite Lego set but with the option to have up to four players in either cross-platform online multiplayer or local split-screen.

This is the Master Collection, so it includes a vast amount of additional content, including themes, skins, and textures from the Starter Pack and Creator Pack DLC (downloadable content) plus 1000 coins to purchase additional extensions of your choice from the marketplace.

3. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Best Xbox Games for Kids

Best Xbox Games for Kids – Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville has established itself as the top family-friendly third-person shooting game out there.

It’s a cartoony and colorful way for young players to try out the shooting genre without the level of violence you find on other shooters.

The controls and mechanics are easy enough for gamers of virtually any level to master, although it’s handy if your kids already know a bit about teamwork.

4. Ubisoft Rayman Legends

Best Xbox Games for Kids

Best Xbox Games for Kids – Ubisoft Rayman Legends

Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends offers kids a classic taste of 2D platforming, and it’s a tried and tested format that’s loads of fun.

Players glide and leap through professionally designed levels within six artistic worlds as they take down bosses, all while saving the blue and cute Teensies.

This title is strangely familiar for anybody who’s played a 2D platformer, but it’s also quite charming thanks to some stunning artwork and a satisfying soundtrack that makes it feel a bit classier than just any old 2D platformer.

In addition, everything feels satisfying and smooth, with the controls taking moments to understand but proving enjoyable for kids just as they are for grownups.

As expected, the game starts easier than it finishes, so you’ll likely need to use the co-op model to help out your kids, but the experience always feels engaging and fresh.

5. Warner Bros. Games LEGO Jurassic World

Warner Bros. Games LEGO Jurassic World

In an analogous vein to the Lego Marvel Superheroes collection, Lego Jurassic World is filled with delightful humor that’s great for the entire family while still being close to its source material, the Jurassic World and Park movies.

It’s very engaging, particularly for kids who love all things dinosaurs.

Much of the movie’s thrill is mirrored in this game, but it’s toned down to a bit more age-appropriate for younger kids compared to some of the movies’ most renowned scenes.

In the characteristic Lego game fashion, players can collaborate to solve the various obstacles and puzzles in their way using their character’s unique skills and equipment.

Final Thought

All in all, the titles listed above are among the best Xbox games for kids, and most are compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X.

We will keep on updating these games as time flies, so keep on checking to find out the titles that will join this list.

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