5 Best Camera App for iPhone

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What are the best camera apps for your iPhone?

With so many impressive 3rd party options out there, it can be a bit tricky to figure out which is the best app to upgrade over your iPhone’s native camera app – fortunately, we have done the hard bit for you in this review.

So why upgrade to a 3rd party camera app? Of course, iPhones already have impressive camera hardware and software.

Even older iPhones pack enough photographic ability to put some standalone cameras to shame.

The latest iPhones have caused some photographers to do away with their camera gear completely.

However, hardware is only one part of the equation; you need to have great camera apps to make the most of your iPhone components.

Apple prides itself on class and simplicity; as a result, the native camera app on iPhone is pretty basic, and you might want more.

Fortunately, the App Store is loaded with camera apps for every skill level. So let’s look at the five best 3rd party camera apps for iPhone.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the top 3rd party camera apps for iPhone. This app was one of the first to get RAW support for iPad and iPhone. To take photos in RAW, you just need to use the camera embedded in the app.

Adobe Lightroom has two shooting modes; auto and pro. The auto mode copes well with everyday street shots in natural light.

On the other hand, the pro model gives you access to all the usual settings such as exposure, filters, ISO, and shutter speed.

One of the most appealing features of Adobe Lightroom is the native highlighting of an image’s overexposed areas. By activating this mode, you can easily do away with overexposures in your shot.

For a more professional outcome, you can use the ‘Grid’ and ‘Level’ features to balance and compose most elements of your photos flawlessly.

Best Camera App for iPhone

Best Camera App for iPhone – Adobe Light Room


2. Halide

The Halide iOS camera app has all types of switches, functions, and tools that can be used. This app enables you to customize everything from focus and exposure to shutter speed and ISO.

One of the top features is ‘Depth Peaking.’ It works in such a way that the subject of the image is evaluated according to its 3D (three-dimensional) depth structure.

Of course, you need a dual-lens iPhone to make the most of this feature. As for the advanced settings, you can choose how your RAW shots are processed and saved.

In addition, you can determine when this iPhone camera app uses JPG or TIF files.


3. MuseCam

MuseCam is the top free 3rd party iPhone camera app because it combines a modern and simple camera UI (user interface) with a basic photo enhancer.

When it comes to photo editing. MuseCam has standard features such as cropping, filters, shadow adjustment, and saturation. In other words, this is a characteristic Instagram replacement.

As for the camera, you can manipulate the focus, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. So if you’re a novice looking for simple functions in a 3rd party iPhone camera app, MuseCam is exactly what you need.


4. Obscura 2

Obscura 2 is the best 3rd party iPhone camera app for beginners. The benefit of this app is its simplicity and user-friendliness; all functions and tools can be adjusted with a single click.

Obscura 2 has all the necessary features, such as adjustable white balance, adjustable ISO, and ten-second shutter speeds.

In addition, if you have a dual-lens iPhone, you can also use the optional portrait mode, which is also quite impressive.

For group selfies, you can switch from the telephoto mode to the wide-angle mode.

You can also configure the flash and self-timer as well as activate grid levels and lines, which will help you to compose your shots correctly.



VSCO is not only a pro mobile editor with many filters; it’s also one of the top camera apps for iPhone.

This app has a lot of settings, such as exposure, ISO, shutter speed adjustment, and white balance. For advanced users, there is also manual focus and RAW support.

One of the best tools of the VSCO iPhone camera app is the exposure slider; it comes in handy with dynamic scenes.

Quick shutter speeds slow movement, while slow shutter speeds blur any motion in the shot. You can find this slider and others at the bottom of your screen.

Best Camera App for iPhone

Best Camera App for iPhone – VSCO

Final Thought

All in all, the App Store has numerous awesome 3rd party camera apps designed to improve iPhone photography. As a result, the list keeps on growing, so it’s not easy to pick one.

However, if you want an all-around 3rd party camera app for iPhone, go for Halide.

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