How to Connect Blink Camera To Alexa

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Connecting your Blink Camera to Alexa is straightforward. Before you start, ensure that neither the Blink Camera nor Alexa is connected to another device. This will smooth the setup process.

How to Connect Blink Camera To Alexa

Step 1: Get the Alexa app and set up an account

Begin by installing the Alexa app on your smartphone. Next, log into your Amazon account and navigate to the menu in the lower right corner.

Select Skills and Games. The Alexa app is accessible to new users on both the Play Store and the App Store.

Use the app’s search function to locate the Blink SmartHome skill. Then, select Enable to Use, leading you to the sign-in page for your Blink account.

Step 2: Connect your Blink camera to the Alexa device

Create a Blink account first if you haven’t already. You must create a four-digit PIN for accessing smart features in Alexa.

This PIN will allow you to utilize a variety of smart home functionalities, especially useful if you have other Blink devices, such as a security system, that you wish to control by voice.

Follow the app’s prompts to ensure your Blink Outdoor Camera is recognized and connected. If there are any issues, select Discover Devices from the top menu.

Consider naming the device to distinguish it from other cameras if you have multiple.

Why would you want to connect your Blink camera to Alexa

Linking your Blink Camera with Alexa offers several advantages:

To view live footage from your cameras, ask Alexa to “Show me,” followed by the device’s name. The live stream will appear immediately.

To view the most recent video clip, say, “Show me the latest activity from (your Blink camera name).”

To inquire about the last motion alert, ask Alexa, “Alexa, ask Blink when my last motion alert was?”

Frequently Asked Questions About Connecting Blink Camera to Alexa

What exactly is the PIN

When you enable the Blink SmartHome skill for the first time, you’ll be prompted to log in with your Blink account credentials and set up a personal identification number (PIN) code.

This PIN is required if you ask Alexa to disarm your system.

The PIN is distinct from the Blink app’s PIN codes for account activity and is not the same as your Blink account password.

To set a new Blink SmartHome skill PIN, disable and then re-enable the Blink skill in the Alexa app.

If your PIN has been inactive for over 60 days, you will be asked to update it for security reasons.

Disable and re-enable the Blink SmartHome skill to create a new PIN.

After three unsuccessful PIN attempts, the Blink SmartHome skill is automatically disabled. Disable and re-enable the skill to set a new PIN.

How do you enable Alexa’s motion-detection notifications

Enabling the Blink SmartHome Skill allows Alexa to announce Motion Alerts and provide camera views for Blink Video Doorbell, Outdoor, Indoor (gen 2), Mini, and XT2 cameras.

This feature is only available for English-speaking Alexa devices in North America (US and Canada). Alexa motion announcements are not supported in the following scenarios:

  • Devices recording directly to a Sync Module 2 with an attached USB drive using Local Storage.
  • Devices without Cloud Storage or Local Storage.
  • Cameras with “Motion Recording” disabled.
  • Indoor (gen 1) or XT cameras.

Alexa Routine Motion Announcements enable Blink camera systems to connect with Alexa’s voice services, providing motion alerts when a device’s “Motion Recording” is enabled and part of an “Armed” system.

Cameras using Local Storage for direct recording to a Sync Module 2 with a USB drive will not trigger Alexa announcements.

Why are Live Views saved as clips when that setting is disabled in the Blink app

Initiating a Live View session with “Alexa, show me (camera name)” saves the session from a Cloud Storage camera unless manually canceled, lasting up to five minutes.

Does the Blink SmartHome Skill support Auto Live View with Doorbell Press or Motion Detection

The Blink SmartHome skill does not automatically stream live view when the Blink Video Doorbell button is pressed or motion is detected.

You must ask Alexa to show you the Live View by saying, “Alexa, show me [camera name].”

Live View is unavailable from Alexa commands when the Blink Video Doorbell is in Event Response mode.

Is it possible to use Alexa routines with older Blink devices

Older Blink devices, such as the XT and Indoor (gen 1) cameras, are not supported by some Alexa Built-in devices,

including newer smart TVs, the Alexa PC app, and clients using the Alexa web player.

Bottom Line for Connecting Blink Camera to Alexa

If you encounter difficulties following these steps, please get in touch with Blink support services. Also, verify if the device is connected to another app or system to ensure a seamless connection.

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