What is Boudoir Photography?

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What is Boudoir Photography? – Overview

Boudoir photography meanders through the fine line between glamour photography and fashion portraits. The word boudoir is a French word that means a lady’s private salon.

Boudoir photography is all about capturing the splendor of the female body romantically and sensually while being refined and ideal. Boudoir shoots are meant for women, but men who want to explore a different side of their sensuality are welcome aboard.

Boudoir shoots are meant to ooze sensuality, and they are very intimate. That’s why women who go for these shoots and pose seductively affirm ownership over their sensuality.

Unlike other types of studio shoots, the subjects in boudoir shoots are not professional models. If you’re on a path of self-discovery or you simply want to express yourself without being ridiculed, a boudoir session might be what you need.

How Has Boudoir Photography Morphed Over the Years?

In the 1920s, a French artist, Albert Arthur Allen, combined photography with a boudoir by creating masterpieces of nude ladies. At the time, this kind of photography was deemed illegal. Over the next several decades, pinup photography was the main focus until the mid-70s. This was when boudoir photography took center stage in major magazines.

Photographs began replacing sketches in these magazines. As a result, many people started to see boudoir photographs as works of art. However, many still thought that boudoir images were too exposed.

Fast forward to today, boudoir photos are ranked highly by all genders. People appreciate it not for the sensual innuendo behind it but instead because of its artistic impression. Most women pursue this endeavor with the notion that it’s a gift for a spouse or an anniversary reminder.

But when they leave, the gift portion becomes secondary when they gain new confidence by accepting their physique. Thus, boudoir shoots are considered a superb self-esteem booster.

What Is Boudoir Photography Meant for?

In general, boudoir photography is meant for everyone. Perhaps you want to explore another side of your character you never knew existed. Or maybe you want to do something special for your beau. It’s ok, you’ll fit in just fine.

The thought of undressing under the watch of cameras may seem nerve-wracking. However, you’ll push past that initial sentiment of self-consciousness after the first couple of seconds when you realize you’re in good hands.

Most photographers doing boudoir shoots go the extra mile to make their clients feel at ease. After all, there is something so appealing about stepping out of your cocoon and owning your sensuality, don’t you think?

Considerations During a Boudoir Photo Session

Boudoir photography is anything but straightforward. These shots are very carefully fashioned to help you feel comfortable. If you don’t like the way you look when you exit the shower or what you see when you look in a mirror, that doesn’t mean you should avoid boudoir shoots.

It just means you should inform the photographer about the areas you like and dislike about your body. Some considerations to make during the photo sessions include:

  1. A shadow to hide the areas you don’t want in the photo.
  2. Draping sheets or fabric to conceal private parts or regions you are less confident about.
  3. Gratifying sensual poses such as lying on the side to conceal a protruding belly while showing off your curves.
  4. There is a shallow depth of field to only have some parts, such as your face, in focus while the rest of the image is blurred.
  5. Marginal lighting to hide any skin imperfections.

At the same time, the photos shouldn’t appear fake. It still needs to look like it’s an actual person getting photographed and not a professional model.

This is where post-processing comes in so that the image is pleasing and not overly filtered. Striking a balance in photo aspects varies from client to client, but it’s something you should consider

Should The Photo Session Be Standard or Themed?

Most boudoir sessions keep the setting simple and allow the focus to be on you. The props and sets are restricted to a bed or sofa, fleece blankets, curtains, pillows, and a soft rug.

However, some women or couples decide to go with a theme that triggers passion or represents their hobbies. This might include a sporting theme, outdoor setting, or anything else that works for them.

Final Thought

All in all, when it comes to boudoir photography, it’s all about keeping the shots provocative while still being classy. Leaving a bit to the imagination adds that additional sultry element to what is an already lovely image.

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