Pre-Wedding Photography Tips 

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Best Pre-Wedding Photography Tips

Every couple wants their wedding to be extra-special. To add more spice and salt to your wedding, you can hire a professional wedding photographer.

If you are getting married and want to have the best of memories stored in an album, then you must go with an experienced photographer.

Wedding Photography’s first session is pre-wedding photography.

If you are unaware of the pre-wedding session, then the list of pre-wedding photography tips would help you to improve your photography skills and add up more ideas to the checklist.

Productive Tips for Pre-wedding Photography

Spend Quality Time with the Couple

Ask a few questions to the couple before planning out the shooting session for their pre-wedding. Ask them the questions regarding the shoot, what do they want?

If they have unique ideas, etc. It is their event and you must ask about their basic requirements.

To make this meeting more effective, you should prepare a list of all the questions to ask the couple. It will clear all the doubts and help you to design the event accordingly.

Prepare a List of Locations

Pre-wedding Photography is all about exploring the different locations to capture the natural shots of the couple. Some photos look more impressive due to their backgrounds.

Prepare a list of places to include in your pre-wedding shooting session.

If we talk about the locations, you can choose from beaches, mountains, green fields, old buildings, restaurants with unique decorations, etc.

You should ask the couple if they are familiar with such locations. It will help you all to complete the session with no extra stress.

The Right Timing

Timing is crucial when you are planning to go out for a pre-wedding shooting. Pre-wedding shooting focuses on the couple and not the other people around.

Go to the places where you can capture the couple in their full attire.

Pre-wedding should be done a couple of months before the wedding date. You will have to plan things accordingly as the couple needs to be relaxed during their photo shoot to capture the natural shots.

If you want to explore the beaches, mountains, etc., then you should go out for photography before 9 am and after 4 pm.

This timing adds the much-needed soft and natural lights. It will automatically improve the quality of the photos.

Prepare a Checklist of Poses

Wedding photography is all about the right timing. If you miss the golden hours of photography, you will have to come again for the same.

If you don’t want to waste your precious time, then you must prepare a checklist of poses a couple of days before the shooting session.

You always have the option to access the Internet and search for the right poses for the pre-wedding shoot.

Make use of your creative mind to learn new things and develop your skills. You can figure out what poses should look good on the couple and prepare a list accordingly.

Pick the right Costumes

Right costumes are essential in pre-wedding as you have to capture the couple’s natural shots in different attires.

Right costumes make your photography more appealing. You will get even better shots and quality photos. Make sure you choose the right dress/ suit as per the locations and themes selected by the couple.

Plan out the Final Shoot

Once everything is discussed with the couple, you should set up the date and timing for the final shoot. Ask the couple to have plenty of rest before the shooting day.

The couple needs to look stress-free to capture the natural shots. Clicks with stressed faces look dull and can’t be edited on any software.

Make sure that the couple’s faces look free from stress. You can discuss the same with the couple a few days before the main event.

Never Say No to the Couple

The couple should be comfortable with you and for that reason, you need to be friends with them. Ask them to stay relaxed, hydrated, and comfortable during the shooting.

Natural behavior is important to click the natural photos of the couple.

Additionally, you can also click out some Candid photos of the couple when they laugh or smile without knowing that you are clicking them out. Candid clicks look more beautiful, especially in the pre-wedding shoot.

Moreover, if the couple wants to try out different poses, you should not ignore their suggestions. Click as many photos as they want in their poses.

It will make them more confident and will follow your guidelines throughout the day.

Take away!

These were some of the most effective tips or ideas that you should add to your list to improve your pre-wedding photography skills.

Besides this, you should also record short videos of the couple. Give them a surprise by recording Candid videos. This will help you in creating the pre-wedding video track.

Remember, weddings are the most important event in many people’s lives and you must have a decent camera for the wedding to capture all these moments.

The opportunities are endless, you should be dedicated enough to learn new things every day. If you have any ideas or tips to share, feel free to let us know. We would like to hear from our readers also.

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