How to use Nikon 5100?

How to use Nikon 5100How to use Nikon 5100

How to use Nikon 5100? – Overview

Using the Nikon 5100 camera for the very first time can be tricky due to its several advanced settings and functions. Besides having the capability to capture some stunning shots, this camera is also a beginner-friendly camera thanks to its UI.

Getting started with Nikon D5100

Charging the battery

Charging the camera’s battery has to be the first thing in your mind before putting this camera to use. Take out the battery pack from the camera bundle and put it right into the provided slot. Once done, the same battery needs to be charged via the given USB charging cable and AC adaptor in the camera bundle.

When the camera is completely charged, you can then find it ready to start with the clicking of pictures and videos.

Opting for the required Mode dial

Before getting started with the capture of your desired shots, you have to pick the right and most feasible exposure mode. By doing that, you can enable the right focus and exposure to the captured shots.

Program auto-exposure mode– Just in case you are not using the auto mode ( except you are using Nikon D5100 for the first time), the program auto-exposure mode is surely the right mode to go with during your photoshoot. The camera will hereby decide the shutter speed or aperture while letting the user make changes with the rest of the functions and controls.

Let’s say you are required to adjust the shutter speed to eliminate the Blur issue. All you need to do is adjust the command dial located on the left side of the camera’s front panel. By doing that, you can adjust the aperture value to let it stay on par with the Camera’s exposure.

Likewise, if you are looking for the right aperture value as per your requirements, adjust the command dial to the right side. Now, it will set the shutter speed to stay according to the camera’s exposure.

Shutter speed (S) – You can pick the right shutter speed by using this mode, and the camera will then adjust the aperture accordingly. Also, if you are using this camera for the first time, opt for a shutter speed of 1/125 of a second. If you are not bringing a camera mount in use, doing that will eliminate the Image Blur issue due to all the camera shakes and unwanted movements.

If you are trying to capture fast-moving subjects, the shutter speed can then be adjusted to 1/200 of a second. Now, the same shutter speed needs to be tweaked down to 1/60 if you are looking to shoot slow-moving subjects.

Aperture value (A) – You can use this mode once the camera is checking on the required shutter speed to deliver the desired exposure to your shot. Now, before you do that, check and adjust the required depth of field to expand the captured shot’s clarity and sharpness.

In case you are trying to shoot a portrait, using a higher aperture value is highly recommended. By doing that, you can grab the required clarity and sharpness for the subjects in the background and foreground.

Manual( M) – With the help of this mode, the user can adjust the shutter speed and aperture as per their own choice and preference. So, if you are a rookie in the photography world, using this mode is quite the right idea to go ahead with.

Capturing a Portrait shot

In case you are trying to capture a perfect portrait shot, it is advisable to choose the mode dial to program or aperture priority, or manual. Also, tweak the aperture value to grab the required depth of field.

Shooting an Action sequence

If you are looking forward to shooting a sports or action sequence, gently change the shutter speed accordingly. Although the required aperture value should be adjusted based on the subject’s movement, opting for  1/500 of a second by default is a good start.

Shooting a Landscape

Shooting a perfect landscape shot may come as a challenging task sometimes. So, besides bringing a camera like the Nikon D5100, you have to put all the hardcore efforts and determination into the process. Focus on the desired subject and make changes in the aperture and shutter speed accordingly. As you do it, stay mindful of the lighting conditions and other related aspects for a perfect landscape shot.

The bottom line for Nikon D5100 is how to use a guide

There’s no doubt about the fact that this camera is quite apt for all beginners in the Photography field. Still, going through the Nikon D5100 how-to-use guide can help you stay updated and informed of all its features and controls. This way, you can bring more improvements and expertise to your respective photography aspirations.

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