5 Must-Have Sony A7iii Accessories

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Best Sony A7iii Accessories

Best Sony A7iii accessories are essential to maximizing your photography experience. The gear includes a tripod kit, memory cards, remote, and chargers, as well as a microphone, backpack, and cleaning supplies.

This guide to accessories includes all of the must-have items – keep reading!

The Sony A7iii is now the hottest and most popular full-frame mirrorless camera available. It packs a lot of the punch compared to Sony’s other full-frame beasts, such as A9 and A7R iii, besides being a lot less expensive.

If you’ve recently added the Sony A7iii to your camera equipment, here are 5 accessories you should consider purchasing to help you take better images and videos.

List of Best Sony A7iii Accessories – Top 5 Accessories to Buy RIGHT NOW

Whether you’ve just purchased A7iii or are a seasoned user, you may want to invest in certain accessories. You can significantly improve your skills and overall experiences for a fair charge.

Expanding your gear and preserving it from typical threats in the studio or forests is important. So, let’s get this party started by talking about these accessories.

1. Manfrotto Befree Advanced Twist Camera Tripod

The Manfrotto Befree advanced twist aluminum travel tripod kit is suitable for advanced photographers. Tripod is perfectly fine with A7iii and gives the best performance at all times, particularly while traveling.

This model features them-lock, a novel twist-lock created to meet the needs of anyone looking for a quick, easy-to-use solution.

The m-lock also has no protruding parts, and its mechanism shuts perfectly around the head. This allows the befree advanced to slide into and out of its storage pocket with ease. Its ergonomic leg-angle selector was created for both right and left-handed photographers.

This enables anyone to shift shooting views and find the optimum tripod height without losing focus on the shot.

Manfrotto’s sophisticated 494 aluminum center ball head is included with the device. This compact yet powerful and intuitive head allows for quick and precise camera movement.

Key Features

  • 59.45in Max Height
  • 15.75in Min Height
  • Twist Locks Leg Lock Type
  • Center Ball Head Head Type
  • 15.75 in Closed Length
  • 17.64 lb Safety Payload
  • 200PL-PRO Plate Type

2. Peak Design Everyday Backpack

You may not think you need a bag or a carrying case right now, but it may soon become necessary. This is especially true if you travel frequently or work outside often.

The Sony A7iii is a well-built camera, but you should take every precaution to safeguard its integrity over time. Waterproof and padded camera bags are specifically designed to ensure that you can transport all of your gear safely.

Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack offers excellent accessibility, expandability for your Alpha gear. The MagLatch allows for quick top access, and two waterproof side zips allow for dual side loading. Most importantly, this bag’s integrated luggage carry makes it suitable for both daily commutes and longer trips.

There are padded accessory pockets on the inside to keep small belongings secure and a dedicated sleeve for a 15″ laptop, tablet, and documents. Moreover, it also has a weatherproof nylon canvas shell, so you won’t have to worry about your gear getting wet.

The Everyday Backpack is available in two sizes and two colors, with a capacity of 20L and 30L. However, the bag specified here is the bigger one.

Key Features

  • 30 Liter Total Volumes
  • 14.2 x 7.8 x 20.5 inches Dimension
  • Nylon and Polyester Fabrics
  • Weatherproof Design

3. Rode VideoMic Pro+

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ is a popular shotgun microphone with a mechanism, isolating your microphone from camera vibrations and rumble. It produces a dual-mono signal and connects directly to the camera through the 3.5mm input.

Meanwhile, the Rode VideoMic Pro+ is larger and heavier than the most available options, it is also more adaptable. With a few hands-on control choices, this condenser shotgun mic provides high-quality audio recording.

One of the best controls is their high pass filter. This feature aids in the removal of some extremely low frequencies from your recording, which is a good approach to cut down on background noise.

Key Features

  • Supercardioid Polar Pattern
  • 20Hz – 20kHz (selected HPF @75Hz/150Hz) Frequency Range
  • 7.7dBu Maximum Output Level
  • Line Gradient Acoustic Principle
  • JFET impedance converter Electronics

4. SanDisk Extreme Pro Flash memory Card

A memory card is an essential item to have on hand at all times. A USB-C compliant card reader is suggested because it will provide faster performance. A multi-format card reader is also a smart investment if you work with various cameras, albeit slightly slower.

Given the greater file sizes of these cameras, larger is better in terms of storage; therefore, you can consider this 32GB or 64GB variant. SanDisk Extreme Pro has a fast write speed, as it is a USH-II SD card.

So, if you plan to shoot a 4K video or take advantage of your camera’s blazing fast performance, then it is a must to have a SanDisk Extreme Pro card.

Key Features

  • 64 GB Memory Storage
  • SDXC Flash Memory Type
  • 300MB/S Reading
  • 260MB/S Writing Speed
  • Withstand Extreme Environments

5. Sony RMT-P1BT Remote Commander

The Sony RMT-P1BT Remote Commander is the A7iii’s most recent remote control option. The RMT-P1BT connects to the A7iii through Bluetooth, ensuring a stable connection.

The RMT-P1BT remote works reliably up to 10m (32 feet) away from the camera. In addition, there is no connectivity issue whether you are in front of or behind the camera, indoors, or outdoors.

It has a quick 0.05-second shutter release time, and an exterior LED that flashes or illuminates continually indicates shutter, video recording, and AF status.

The remote handles the camera’s primary functions, including shutter release, focus, a lock switch to prevent accidental use when transporting, movie recording start/stop, and power/digital zoom. The functionalities of the two custom buttons are identical to the C1 and AF-ON buttons on the camera body.

Please note that this remote will only work if your Sony A7iii firmware has been updated to version 3.00 or later.

Key Features

  • 10m/32ft Range
  • 1 Lithium Metal Battery
  • 3.5″L x 1.36″W x 6.08″H Dimensions
  • Reliable and Precise Wireless Shooting

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