5 of the Best Sony FS7 Lens

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5 of the Best Sony FS7 Compatible Lens – Overview

The Sony FS7 is one of the most popular mid-range 4K cameras today. These cameras are compatible with either PL mount or EF mount lenses with the appropriate adapters. In this article, we will cover the lenses that are compatible with this camera. If you are interested in reading more about the camera, please visit the Sony FS7 Camera Review article.

However, you don’t necessarily need an adapter to add a powerful lens to the Sony FS7.

This is because the FS7 is fitted with a lens mount (Native E-Mount), and people don’t know that lenses can be fitted to the FS7 without an adapter.

This is quite unfortunate because there are some useful lenses available to FS7 owners.

But it’s understandable because until recently, high-quality zoom lenses for video were either too expensive or lacking in quality.

Presently we have a wide range of new and exciting video lenses compatible with the Sony FS7, some of which we’ll discuss in this review.

1. Sony FE PZ 28-135mm Servo Zoom Lens

The FE 28-135mm Zoom Lens is available as a kit alongside the FS7, known as the PXW-FS7K.

But if you don’t have this lens, consider it because it’s a superb lens that gives you complete control over your shots without the need to change lenses or use lens adapters.

This lens has image stabilization and a continuous f/4 aperture throughout the zoom range. It’s built like a traditional zoom video lens with marginal breathing while focusing.

It’s also parfocal, which means that it can maintain focus across the zoom range. You can purchase this lens separately from the FS7 in most outlets stocking camera equipment before you make your decision, keep in mind that this lens weighs 2.68 lbs. This weight can feel heavier than it sounds if you move around a lot with this lens. At least, it was my experience.

2. Sony SEL 18-110mm

The Sony SEL 18-110mm comprises a continuous f/4 aperture and wide focal length in a compact form factor. This provides cinematographers as well as videographers with a lens variety for lightweight operations.

The Sony SEL may seem small, but it has some amazing features to back it up. Its 18-100mm range of focal length covers reasonably wide to narrow angles of view.

On the other hand, the built-in Smooth Motion Optics uses the internal workings of this lens to lessen focus shifting, focus breathing, and other irregularities that would otherwise be visible when fine-tuning the lens during recording.

The body of the Sony SEL has separate zoom, focus, and iris rings that give users manual control. Simply pull the focus ring back, and full-time manual focus is activated.

In addition, the focus ring has in-built cinema-standard gear for follow-focus compatibility.

3. Fujinon Cine Lens 18-55mm

The Fujinon Cine Lens in E-Mount format is a lightweight zoom lens designed for E-mount cameras with a Super35 optical sensor, such as the Sony FS7.

This lens has a mechanical design with three autonomous lens control rings, namely zoom, focus, and iris.

Each ring comprises a Cine gear with a .8 MOD for interfacing with regular Cine lens accessories.

The iris lens doesn’t click, allowing for smooth iris pulls. The focus ring, on the other hand, has approximately 200 degrees of rotation, which allows for precise focus pulls.

This lens also has a macro mode for close-focus functionality.

4. Canon CN-E 18-80mm Compact Servo Lens

The Canon CN-E 18-80mm combines the functionality of Canon’s CN-E lineup with their EF lenses. The CN-E 18-80mm is built for use with EF-Mount cameras with Super35 CMOS optical sensors, such as the Sony FS7.

This lens has an impressive 18-80mm range of focal length, and it maintains a continuous f/4 aperture throughout.

In addition, it’s 7.7 inches long and only weighs 2.65 pounds. Surprisingly, this is Canon’s first Cine-style lens to feature autofocus and image stabilization.

5. ZEISS Touit 12mm

The Zeiss Touit 12mm has a super wide-angle diagonal field of view at an impressive 99 degrees.

Furthermore, the special coatings and Distagon Floating Elements Design produce rich colors, slight aberrations, or distortion throughout the whole focusing range.

A small focus range from 18 centimeters means that you can get artistic with perspectives and unusual angles. This lens is perfect for interiors, landscapes and architecture.

So, when you want to capture the entire scene, the Zeiss Touit 12mm will enable you to do exactly that.

This Zeiss lens brings Zeiss expertise and quality to Sony E-mount cameras such as the FS7.

This lens will undoubtedly deliver imposing shots and footage with fast and precise autofocus as well as specially designed optics.

Moreover, it’s a compact and lightweight lens that will fit in your bag easily and give you many years of use.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, since the Sony FS7 is an E-mount camera, it’s compatible with lenses from Sony and other 3rd parties manufacturers such as Fujinon and Zeiss.

So, there is no need to be alarmed about 3rd party lenses; they work well, and some even better than Sony’s.

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