5 Sony FS7 Accessories

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Sony FS7 Accessories – Overview

Sony’s very flexible camera, the Sony FS7, has been on the market for quite some time now, and it’s been well received.

It’s a camera with two shooting modes, namely CINE-EI and Custom; it’s well suited to a wide scope of applications and productions.

In Custom mode, the FS7 is more or less like a broadcast video camera with video-friendly frame rates and traditional gain settings.

On the other hand, in CINE-E, the FS7 is like a high-end DSLR employing shutter angles and exposure indexing from the photography world.

Its cat-on-a-shoulder design, including the smart grip with camera controls, is reminiscent of cameras from the 60s, 70s, and 80s but modernized for the digital age.

It has a Super35 sensor and can shoot in standard 4K and full DCI 4K.

So it comes as no surprise that there is a wide range of accessories developed for the FS7.

So, if you’d like to add that extra versatility to your FS7, we’ve reviewed some compatible accessories that will give you that oomph needed to mesmerize your clients.

Some of The Accessories You Can Add to The Sony FS7 Include:

1. Sony XDCA-FS7 Extension Unit

The Sony XDCA is built for the FS7 since this camera comes with internal MPEG2 and XAVC recording on XQD storage so that you can append the optional extension box.

In addition, this unit can be fastened using a multi-pin connector so that no cables are flying around.

This extension box offers extra I/O (input and output) ports such as Genlock and Timecode to facilitate the multi-camera operation or provide the option to use regular V-mount batteries.

It also allows RAW data output to capture 12-bit RAW video or another 3rd party RAW recorder via the FS RAW Interface.

In addition, the XDCA Extension Unit can encode video streams into Apple ProRes, which will then be kept on the XQD storage.

2. Shape Sony FS7 Lightweight Bundle Rig

Shape’s Sony FS7 Bundle Rig expands accessory support on the FS7 by equipping it with a top plate with threaded holes and a 15mm rod baseplate.

It also replaces the rosette section on the camera’s handgrip with a piece that enables easier and faster grip position changes.

The baseplate has a pair of 15mm, 8-inch long rods that you can use for additional accessories such as a matte box. The compact design of the Lightweight Bundle Rig leaves room for the camera’s shoulder pad.

A V-lock adapter below the baseplate allows the FS7 to be attached to quick-release V-lock tripod plates. You also get ARRI rosettes on each side of the baseplate for connecting the included Remote Extension Handle.

3. Metabones Speed Booster X

The FS7’s native E-mount has a short extension distance allowing for various 3rd party lenses to be used on the FS7, such as Canon, Fujinon, Minolta, Leica, Zeiss, among others.

However, sometimes the lens might not fit, but so long as the 3rd party lens you intend on attaching to the FS7 can cover its Super-35 Exmor CMOS sensor, there is an adapter for it.

This is where Metabones comes in. Metabones is known for its high-quality lens adapters under the Speed Booster line. This gives Canon, Lumix, and Nikon lens owners a chance to use their existing lenses with the Sony FS7.

4. Atomos Ninja Star

With the FS7, Sony gives photographers the option to record high-res 12-bit RAW footage on the internal XQD media using the XDCA Extension Unit.

However, for a fraction of the Extension Unit’s price, you can use an external recorder such as the Atomos Ninja Star to capture ProRes and store such as codec externally.

5. Zacuto VCT Pro Base

The Sony FS7 has a stock with a small arched rubber piece that is beneath the camera’s body. This piece isn’t designed to sit on your shoulder for a long time.

Also, if you have V-lock quick-release plates on your tripod, you’ll certainly need to find a lasting solution for your camera.

There are several companies, including Sony, that make shoulder pad accessories. But perhaps the best shoulder plate accessory is the Zacuto Pro Baseplate.

Not only does it have the comfiest shoulder pad out there, but it also has several easy adjustment points that perfectly balance the FS7 and adjust the height of the 8-inch rods.

It’s also nice that you don’t need tools to adjust the VCT Base.

Final Thought on Sony FS7 Accessories

All in all, the Sony PXW-FS7 is a fantastic camera for video production that you can shoot with right out of the box. However, the camera has some minor shortcomings that are easily fixable with accessories like the ones illustrated above.

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