Sony FS7 Review

Sony FS7 ReviewSony FS7 Review

Sony FS7 Review – Getting Started

Since the start of the DSLR obsession and the rapid camera advancements that followed, photographers have become comfortable making a lot of compromises for an excellent sensor.

With regard to DSLRs, compromises have been made on everything except image quality.

Audio capture in DSLRs is a nightmare, and so is the form factor forcing photographers to buy expensive and complex rigs just to make the most out of the camera.

The present camera industry is making photographers yearn for the old days of XLR inputs and ND filters.

Fortunately, Sony has answered their cries with an out-of-the-box solution in a way Canon, Panasonic, and even Blackmagic Design haven’t.

The Sony PXW-FS7 is perhaps the most uncompromising camera out there.

The FS7 has a reasonable price for what you’re getting. Not only is it loaded with superb ergonomics and tons of high-end features, but also it’s a camera you’ll most likely come to adore.

Let’s look at the technical specs of the FS7 and its other great features.

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor Type: Super35 Single-Chip Exmor CMOS
  • Sensor Size: 35mm
  • Optical Resolution: 4K (2160p)
  • Image Capture Speed: 180 fps
  • Image Stabilization: Yes
  • Optical Zoom: 28x
  • Video Format: MPEG2, XAVC-I, and XAVC-L
  • Video Output: 2x BNC and HDMI
  • Native ISO: 2,000
  • Shutter Speed: 1/3 sec to 1/9000 sec
  • Audio Input: XLR-type 3-pin
  • Audio Output: Stereo mini-jack 1/8″
  • Storage: 2x XQD and 1x SD Card
  • Lens Mount: Sony NEX
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional
  • Battery: BP-U series
  • Weight: 2KG

Other Key Features

It’s quite ironic that the so-called affordable cameras need to be equipped with expensive rigs and cages before you can put them on your shoulder. However, the FX-7 is different; it’s designed to balance well on your shoulder.

The Start/Stop, Assign, and Zoom controls are within your arm’s reach. Sony also supplies you with a viewfinder that’s perfectly balanced to the right and left with a massive range of front-aft adjustment.

Want more? Sony also offers the FS7 with a viewfinder extension box and a 15mm rod to offer even more versatility. Let’s look at some of these FS7 features in detail.

E-Mount System

Unlike still shots, video benefits from lenses with ultra-quiet and constantly adjustable zoom power; this is precisely what Sony’s next-gen E-mount lens system delivers.

You get superb optical quality, autofocus, and a perfect balance in weight, build quality, and affordability.

With an extremely thin, 18-mm overhang-back distance, the FS7’s E-mount is also compatible with an extensive range of Canon EF, PL, and other 3rd party SLR glass adapters.

Telescopic Arm

The telescopic arm on the FS7 is perhaps the main contributor to the camera’s handheld comfort. You can adjust the arm length with the press of a button; there is a button to adjust the angle as well.

So you can adapt the arm to suit your shooting position and physique

Smart Grip

Sony’s smart grip is a highly adaptable control center located on the pivoting telescopic arm.

Sony says that the smart grip resulted from extensive consultation with videographers and cinematographers, after which they refined the shape, size, angle, and control points.

The FS7’s smart grip includes the Start/Stop button, zoom, and several other Assign controls such as a dial to adjust the Iris. As a result, you can operate the FS7 without your hand leaving the grip.

The grip’s shape is easy, and you can adjust its angle with the press of a button.

Versatile Viewfinder

Sony delivers the FS7 with a versatile viewfinder that’s perfectly balanced for right- or left-eye viewing with a massive range of front-aft adjustment.

Turning a single knob allows you to set the finder’s position, and for greater versatility, Sony offers a 15mm rod pedestal.

The viewfinder takes the form of a screen and an extension box that easily tilts up and down when you want to see subjects directly.

Next-Gen Memory

Long-form motion pictures necessitate storage that’s both reliable and affordable. As cited by the CFA (Compact Flash Association), the F7’s XQD memory cards check both requirements.

When compared to CFAST memory cards, XQDs give you a very low cost per minute. You also get robust communication between the camera and the card reader, offering you read/write speeds of up to a mind-boggling 600 Mbps.

Final Thought on Sony FS7

To sum it all up, the Sony FS7 is a very uncompromising camera, and it’s already considered one of the best cameras at its price point.

It maintains the same excellent motion picture quality as previous Sony cameras, but it’s more advanced. Therefore, if you’re a videographer or a cinematographer, the FS7 is a camera worth considering.

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