Core i9-12900HK Review: Intel’s 12 Generation Processor

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Core i9- 12900HK Review

This year’s CES has brought up many futuristic gadgets and technology to feed the future of the tech world.

Intel has announced its latest processors, i.e., 12th Generation Intel Alder Lake H Processors, at the Consumer Electronics Show, i.e., CES 2022.

The Core i9- 12900HK review will give you in-depth information about Intel’s new processors.

About Intel’s Alder Lake H Processor

Intel’s latest microarchitectures are present in Intel’s Alder Lake H Processor. The new processor is a mixture design of high-performance and high-efficiency cores.

The single-chip provides the best performance with better efficiency. The company has also announced its 12th Generation Processors for mobile devices.

About Intel’s Alder Lake H Processor

About Intel’s Alder Lake H Processor

Intel’s new Alder Lake H Processor-powered device had already been in the market for testing.

After testing out Intel’s new 12th-generation processor, we can say that this is the most powerful processor ever announced by a chipmaker. The company is walking towards dominance in the laptop industry.


The new 12th Generation Intel Alder Lake H Processors will be focused primarily on gaming and content creation. It is designed for professional use only and helps gamers fulfill their requirements.

The Core i9- 12900HK is a successor edition to the MSI GE76 Raider. We got to test this edition, powered by the 12th-generation Intel chip. The chip has everything to amaze you, irrespective of your needs.


Regarding the performance, the new Core i9- 12900HK performed way better than the previous generations of Intel and AMD chips.

The jump in performance by this new chip has made this new processor a complete winner in the industry.

This processor has surpassed the present Ryzen 9 one processor in all terms.

The company has also improved the multi-core performance of this new chip to improve multitasking. Intel’s previous chips were not up to the mark regarding multi-core performance.

However, the company has significantly changed this with the new 12th Generation Alder Lake H Processor.

Besides multi-core performance, the same chip has amazed us with its single-core performance.

The chip has achieved 21% faster performance than all the other competitors in its single-core, which is a winner’s performance.

Single-core performance directly affects gaming. The high single-core performance of Intel’s chip has opened up new doors for gamers. The chip is designed to give you high performance at good quality pixels.

Content Creation Performance

Regarding content creation, most people would focus on photo and video editing. By adding new technologies to photo and video editing, content creators can bring them to our lives.

The new generation processors will work with 3D modeling and Artificial Intelligence.

These new technologies will be used for professional content creation through photo and video editing.

Content Creation Performance

Content Creation Performance

When we tested these technology features on Adobe Photoshop while editing a video, we found no glitches or performance issues with the video editing process.

What we have found is a complete interruption-free environment throughout the process.

Professional photographers work with thousands of photos after completing a photoshoot session. Adobe Photoshop can handle all types of photos in one single place.

We were allowed to process thousands of photos stored on our laptop on Adobe Photoshop without performance issues.

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Productivity Performance

Productivity tools like Microsoft PowerPoint also worked well with Intel’s new 12th Generation Alder Lake H Processor.

The productivity performance scored 9% faster than the previous generation processors and its competitors.

One can edit photos and videos and work with different types of productivity software and tools without suffering from performance issues.

There will be no performance issues, even if you work with thousands of photos and videos and multiple tools.

Browsing Performance

Microsoft’s Windows 11 computer systems will power the new 12th Generation Alder Lake H Processor.

The Windows 11 systems will be much more potent than the previous generations, using Intel’s new generation processors.

When exploring the web, most Windows users prefer to open the built-in web browser app, i.e., Internet Browser.

We tested several laptops from different benchmarks to test the Core i9- 12900HK browsing performance from Intel.

The newer chip performed well and provided up to 32% faster web browsing performance than the previous generation chips.

You will get a new experience of exploring the web with the new Core i9- 12900HK processor.

Power Efficiency

Since the power efficiency is different from laptop to laptop, we can’t make a judgment on it. First, we charged the computer’s battery 100% and then started the test to check the power efficiency.

Upon testing the battery or power efficiency of the 12th-generation laptop, we found that the Core i9-powered laptop consumes more battery than the previous-generation processors.

The laptop lasted for less than six hours with offline video playback. The previous generation laptops lasted over six hours with the same offline video playback.

Wireless Connectivity Options

Wireless connectivity and networking options are the most important things for every user when buying a new laptop.

The Core i9- 12900HK’s board supports the latest 802.11ax Wi-Fi controller and 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet controller.

You will get the best wireless connectivity with super smooth and faster performance.

The wireless network will work well on almost all types of routers and there will be no connection issues. The board also supports the latest Bluetooth 5.2 version for better and quick connectivity.

We will see more of such technology in the future laptops powered by Intel’s new 12th Generation chip.

The manufacturers will provide different sets of networking and connectivity features per their ranges.

The Bottom Line

Upon testing the new Core i9- 12900HK, we found that the chip is designed for futuristic computer systems. We have compared it with AMD’s latest and Intel’s previous-generation chips.

The 12th Gen chip has overperformed the previous generation chips and its competitors in all the categories. Intel’s Core i9- 12900HK is designed for high-performance laptops.

The companies will be using it for their high-end models in the future. It’s a clear winner in today’s market regarding performance!

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