How to Setup Parental Control On Wifi Router?

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Steps to Setup Parental Control On Wifi Router

Parental controls on Wifi routers are a great way to control your child’s online activities. These controls can filter the web along with blocking access to certain inappropriate websites or content.

People often get confused about such restrictions and would want to know how to set up parental control on wifi routers.

There are numerous ways to set up parental controls over the router, using third-party software, network-wide parental controls, or even built-in parental control in Windows.

As per various reports, 39% of parents worldwide use parental controls to block or filter the activities of their teens, and 16% use parental control to restrict the usage of the phone by their teens. 

The control of the router can also be used for setting screen time and pause of the Wifi.

In this era of digitalization, where we are dependent on the Internet more than ever, even for the studies of children, routers can help to manage the access of online content for a specific time, with few settings. 

Setting Up Parental Controls For Wifi Router

Before making any alterations, access to your router’s settings is prominent, especially when you want to know how to set up parental control on wifi in an effective way.

The majority of the models these days offer specific apps that help you set up the router according to your preferences and ease connection.

Setting Up Parental Controls For Wifi Router

Setting Up Parental Controls For Wifi Router

These apps are a great way to check and change the settings. But connecting with a computer will help you get a better idea about the whole array of settings available on the router. 

Get access to your router with the help of specific simple steps: 

  1. To get going, open your preferred web browser on the computer along with inserting the network IP Address in the Address bar. 
  2. The default IP address of most routers is 192. 168. 1. 1, but if it does not work, you can click on the Internet icon and search for settings. However, if you own a Mac, the IP address can be figured out by clicking on the symbol of Wifi and then gradually scrolling down and clicking on the Open Network Preferences.
  3. After entering the IP address on the address bar, you will need certain information to make the alterations. 
  4. You can find out the credentials or information on your own to set up a new router. 
  5. If you cannot remember the log in detail, you can effortlessly search for it in the router’s app and make the necessary changes. 

The access to the router makes way to alter the settings in it more efficiently and conveniently. Being the first step in making the modifications, things get smoother with access to your router. 

The various changes in the router settings can be: 

  • Limited Internet Time 

The modern routers come with a scheduling feature that lets you cut off the Internet at a particular time of the day. Some routers even have settings for specific devices, which enables you to turn off the Internet connectivity for your child’s laptop, tablet, PC, or even gaming console.

You can even block down every device to eliminate the usage of the Internet. 

  • Halt Wifi 

If you want to set distractions rather than scheduling time and dates for turning off the Internet, pausing your router’s connection is a decent choice.

Various routers and mesh networks come with helper apps that allow the easy halt of the Internet and resume it according to your requirement.

Google’s Nest Wifi system comes with the Google Assistant service that leads to the extension, as you can easily control the router just by telling it. 

  • Restrictions 

Many routers allow you to restrict several websites and control the URLs accessing the devices by simply blocking them.

This ensures your child’s safety from dangerous websites available on the Internet. In addition, you can use the apps of your routers and control the time and content for all the devices in your house. 

Router Accessories Add On

If you own an older router and do not want to change it, you can still add parental controls with the help of various add-on devices present.

The plug-in modules help by connecting the router and managing the Internet connectivity along with its associated laws. 

Parental Control On Wifi Router

Parental Control On Wifi Router

Certain apps allow you to stipulate a specific amount of time for each device at your house. This system helps in creating a balance between the Internet connection and screen time of your children.


Finally, we can say that when you want to get knowledge on how to set up parental control on a wifi router, then you should take into consideration the above-mentioned ways.

Parental control over wifi routers allows manageable and reliable control of children’s internet and screen time, along with controlling the websites or URLs on their devices.

Moreover, these simple ways can allow the whole setup of the router and the management of the apparatus for the entire house that ensures its safety. 

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