5 Computer Courses for Beginners Online Free

Computer Courses for Beginners Online FreeComputer Courses for Beginners Online Free

Computer Courses for Beginners Online Free

In this modern era, technology is leading the world. Whatever you wish for, you are just a click away from it.

According to the American Community Survey, around 92% of the population of the United States used computer devices in 2018. As a result, it is considered that learning how a computer works has become a necessity. Unfortunately, some people may not get access to the best computer courses due to a lack of financial stability.

However, the good news is you can find an unlimited number of computer courses for beginners online for free. Hence, let’s have a look at the best computer courses for beginners that are free of cost below so that you can learn from the best institutes out there.

Best Computer Courses Online Free for Beginners

A variety of free computer courses online are available on the internet. Thus, it may become a bit of a struggle for you to pick the best out of them. Chill out! As we have tabulated the five finest computer courses. Keep reading and choose the best out of five for yourself.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

At MIT, online computer courses are available for beginners. They offer courses for all computing fields with topics ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to computer architecture. It is the largest research university in America.

The courses offered here are also free of cost. However, you should meet certain criteria before you get the course. It is for this reason that MIT is so popular among students worldwide.

Computer Courses for Beginners Online Free

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Course Speciality:

  • MIT is one of the largest research universities in America. All their courses are highly organized.
  • You can get valuable knowledge about artificial intelligence and computer architecture.

2. Stanford University Computer Courses

The courses offered by Stanford University are not only free, but they are highly popular with the public. It is a private research university in California in the United States of America founded in 1885. The undergraduate admission process at this university is highly competitive, and therefore it’s better to get your application done early before the deadline passes. However, they also deliver computer courses for beginners online free so that you can learn at your convenience.

Course Speciality

  • You can get an opportunity to learn from one of the top-notch universities around the globe.
  • Courses are helpful for all kinds of learners as experts have programmed them in a user-friendly and interactive manner.

3. The Open University – OpenLearn

The course aims to teach people with no previous experience about how to master computer technology and software skills. The course has a specific design for all levels, with modules covering organized, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.

The lessons offered in the package include building computer skills and understanding how computers work and ethical issues around information security and keeping personal data safe on the internet.

The Open University - OpenLearn

The Open University – OpenLearn

Course Speciality

  • If you are a total beginner at operating computers, this course is definitely for you.
  • Along with computer skills, they also teach you about securing yourself online.

4. FreeCodeCamp Computer Courses

Free Code Camp offers courses for students who are willing to learn programming absolutely for no bucks. Several lessons guide you through the entire process of becoming a software developer.

The courses use Google’s JavaScript, HTML, and CSS programming languages to teach the students. Other than this, there is also an interview preparation course available that can help you prepare for the technical interviews conducted by most employers nowadays.

Course Speciality

  • It teaches you programming for free.
  • You can begin your journey as a software developer after the completion of the course.

5. CodeAcademy

Code Academy is an institute for training students to develop using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This academy was launched in 2008; since then, it has been helping millions of people learn how to code online.

However, a few things are necessary before starting learning, such as registering and confirming your email address and creating a username, filling in the course registration form, and submitting the required information.



Course Speciality

  • Learn coding from the best tutors in the field.
  • Clear the course exams and receive certificates.

Importance of Learning a Computer Course

Computers nowadays are an integral part of our lives. Almost everything is incomplete without computer technology and its usage.

From ordering food to paying bills, we owe everything to this technological boon. We can’t list all the importance in a single article; however, a few essential points have been introduced below.

Importance of Learning a Computer Course

Importance of Learning a Computer Course

Job Opportunity

Computers complete a task faster than a human. Consequently, industries look for workers skilled in computer technology.

Unlimited Career

Technology is opening new career opportunities for people. Learning a computer course can offer you a bright career with good pay.

Help Students

Many leading universities are teaching online. They ask you to submit projects online. It becomes pretty uncomfortable if you don’t know about computers. So, learn a computer course and beat your classmates.

Final Words

Learning all about computers is essential nowadays as per increased usage of technologies. Hence, if you want to learn computer courses for beginners free online, these are for you. Since Artificial Intelligence is becoming hot news in the technological industry, you should opt for MIT’s course.

Computer course comes with several benefits for you that will help you get an adequate understanding of computers, and you can even create a career on it. Nevertheless, you are free to select any one of them. It’s also crucial to understand how essential it is becoming to know about computers and technology.

These free courses can open the gate for you to gain efficient computer skills without any additional costs.

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