How to shoot landscape photography with Nikon D5300 | Settings

nikon d5300 landscape settingsnikon d5300 landscape settings

How to shoot landscape photography with Nikon D5300

The Nikon D5300 has a 24.1MP DX CMOS sensor, that shoots images with brilliant quality beating most of its competitors.

Most people use the wide-angle lens of the renowned camera Nikon D5300 to shoot a landscape scene. But for beginners, it can be a difficult task if they are not used to taking such shots.

Compared to other types of photography, landscapes are easier to shoot. Landscape photography as it in its name requires a wide-angle lens.

If you want to go pro Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 would be the best available wide-angle lens out there for Nikon D5300 (Hey! It’s on Amazon).

Depending on your budget if you don’t want to break the bank as yet a cheaper option by Altura is also available on Amazon.

Landscape Photography Settings for Nikon D5300

Step 1. Using the programmed auto mode

To use the programmed auto mode, select the “Green” or P mode. The operation for P mode is easy point-and-shoot.

In mode P, the camera automatically adjusts shutter priority and aperture for optimum exposure.

You can experiment with other aperture and shutter speed combinations that will produce similar exposure.

Choose programmed auto for landscape shots in any situation in which you don’t want to go wrong.

Step 2. Fixing the desired aperture

To get the perfect landscape shot, switch the shooting mode to Aperture Priority (marked as A) and set the number to f/16.

For an ideal landscape scenario, an aperture number of f/8 is perfect.

However, if the scenery around you takes up a good portion of the frame, then it’s a good idea to adjust the aperture higher than f/8. An aperture of f/16 allows photographers to get everything in front of them, in focus.

You can select the aperture and let the camera automatically adjust the shutter speed for optimal exposure. You can change the aperture to control background blur.

Step 3. Accurately focusing on the scene

To get the perfect focus, move the dial on the camera modes to the manual position. The setting is usually marked M or MF.

After that, you need to fix the camera to manual focusing by setting the Focus mode to MF. Look through the viewfinder, and press the multi-selector till you see that the screen flashes red.

During autofocusing, the focus point selected, tells the camera to establish a focus on the scene.

Step 4. Setting the shutter speed

Nikon D5300 Landscape Settings

Nikon D5300 Landscape Settings – shutter speed

You can select a shutter speed of your choice so that the camera automatically adjusts the aperture, for optimal exposure.

It is mainly used to prioritize motion in a landscape shot, e.g. a waterfall. To do that, you have to Rotate the mode dial to S.

Once shutter priority is selected, rotate the command dial to select the appropriate shutter speed.

You need to rotate right for faster speeds and left for slower speeds. If you’re shooting holding your camera, assure that the shutter speed isn’t too delayed.

A slow shutter speed induces a camera shake.

Following these above-mentioned steps, you can learn how to set up the Nikon D5300 to get the perfect landscape shots.

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