Are Video Games Good for Kids? 6 Cognitive Benefits

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Are Video Games Good For Kids?

Are video games good for kids? If you are asking this question, you are an educated parent. We all want the best for our kids, but facts should guide our decisions.

Believe it or not, playing video games can help improve kids’ cognitive development if you have an essential awareness of how gaming affects children. But are all video games good for kids? Which games are suitable for your kids and how long can they play daily?

Children love video games!

Kids who spend much of the day playing video games are contented and vigorous. Games develop problem-solving skills in kids, making them more hyperactive.

Video games make a noticeable impact on the child’s brain and behavior. It is a demanding activity and the most popular entertainment for kids.

Video Games – How Much Gaming is Too Much for Kids?

According to studies conducted by various professionals, it is found that playing video games is one of the healthiest approaches for better child growth.

But, there can be a time when video gaming becomes an addiction to your kid more than entertainment.

You need to monitor and limit your kids’ video gaming time. We all know prolonged screen time brings health issues, so it’s better to have consistent limits.

Plus, video games are the minimum physical activity, the biggest issue for most parents worldwide. But if your kid sees it as entertainment, then gaming is good.

Note: Limiting the gaming time for your kids would be a piece of great advice. Video games are highly beneficial for kids when done within limits.

Are Video Games Good for Kids? Yes!

It’s true! For kids, video games are the best workout to groom brain muscles. These games work significantly to develop mental and problem-solving skills.

To demonstrate the same and make it clear, let’s discuss some astonishing benefits of video gaming for kids right here:

5 Benefits of Video Games for Kids

1. Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills

Video games, such as Minecraft, are the proven method for cognitive development in kids. Most games, which kids love, require planning and strategies to finish different levels.

When kids independently plan their way out of the level, they are going creative with the brain, enhancing mental skills.

These games might not be labeled as educational, but they teach problem-solving skills to kids for the better.

2. Quick Thinking and Action

Action in video games, such as Apex Legends, changes in seconds. One needs to think quickly with logic to surpass any particular level. That’s how kids groom decision-making power.

It happens more in action-packed video games. Sometimes, the situation needs to be correctly analyzed; only then the response is decided.

Such video games train kids to analyze the situation and take action accordingly quickly.

3. Planning with Logic

Are Video Games Good For Kids - logic

Are Video Games Good For Kids – logic

Video games are the power-packed version of planning and logic. Most games kids love are mission-based, and playing them with strategies is crucial.

When kids play such games, their managing and planning power emerges. The same happens in puzzle games, where logic is required to achieve the following levels.

4. Managing Multiple Tasks

Gaming also develops multitasking skills in kids. Some games, named Apex Legends or Fortnite, are full of unexpected things and events for which the kids need to alter their position speedily.

Managing multiple tasks at once triggers the flexibility feature in the kids, making them more conscious of the things happening around them.

5. Encouraging Physical Activity

Sports video games encourage players to indulge in more physical activities. Kids learn new moves from the games and then practice later. Such games also inspire kids to learn new sports and participate in realistic sports events.

Remember that some kids might try violent moves and practices after playing aggressive games. So, make sure your kid is not a part of such brutal games.

6. Promoting Creativity Skills

Be it a race car or any other mission-based game, one needs to prepare an action plan.

Video games, such as Super Mario, offer the freedom to research and think and then act accordingly. These games boost the creativity skills and visual-spatial skills in kids for better understanding.

Best Video Games for Your Kid’s Overall Development

Video games change the brain’s physical structure and strengthen the muscles, just like routinely exercising. Child experts state that some video games can make kids smart and intelligent.

Some of the games that professionals suggest for speedy development are:

  • The Super Mario Series

Almost everybody from our generation has heard of Super Mario! We all love this game, and kids get passionate while playing this game.

This game is about stretching the brain muscles to save players from the coming troubles. It asks for creativity, logic, and strategy.

  • Nintendo Labo – Switch

The combination of cardboard kits and advanced devices is what kids love to the fullest. Your kid gets a power-packed kit ready to showcase engineering and creativity skills.

  • Minecraft

Children spend a fine portion of the day playing this game, exploring sandboxes. The game asks for creative thinking, analysis, a lot of learning, and more.

  • LEGO Games

From STAR WARS to HARRY POTTER, superhero games have been children’s favorites for years. The games took brain development and decision-making to a different level.

  • Apex Legends

This game is for youngsters and those who are still young by heart. The shooting game is the ultimate test for hand-eye coordination.

  • Fortnite

Most admired of all battle games, Fortnite is to increase your social circle. This game is for duos or a squad, ready to take it all from the enemies.

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