How to Remove Devices from Wi-Fi Router

How to Remove Devices from Wi-Fi RouterHow to Remove Devices from Wi-Fi Router

How to Remove Devices from Wi-Fi Router? – Overview

Once you have given someone the credentials to your Wi-Fi, they can join your network on any number of devices that they want to.

When your internet connection is jammed with numerous devices, it results in slow speeds or a complete blackout.

That is why you should learn how to remove devices from the Wi-Fi router.

Another reason you should learn this is to restrict websites that can be accessed on your network, such as those that post pornographic material.

You could also learn how to remove devices from the Wi-Fi router to control the time your kids spend online.

Even if you are not at home, this feature can also be employed remotely using an app or the router login page.

Remember that smart routers have more attributes that you can customize while managing the multiple devices connected to your local network.

If you are not very familiar with routers take a look at how to choose a Wi-Fi router to decide the one that’s best for your specific needs.

The downside of having too many devices on your network is that there could be devices using spyware amongst the connected devices without your knowledge.

Such devices can snoop into a network and steal confidential information such as bank details.

You need to take back control of your network and only share details with those you trust.

Therefore, this article will look at some of the measures you can employ to kick out devices from your network ranging from password change to configuring the mac address.

Measures to Take If Want to Know How to Remove Devices from Wi-Fi Router

Change the Wi-Fi Passcode

The simplest, most secure strategy is just changing your Wi-Fi connection passcode on the router.

This will coercively detach all gadgets from your Wi-Fi network, including yours. You’ll need to rejoin the Wi-Fi by entering the new passcode on all your gadgets.

To actualize this, you’ll require to enter your router’s configuration set-up, which you can access via an internet browser.

After signing in, you can modify the Wi-Fi passcode, and while you are at it, you can modify the Wi-Fi connection name too.

Let’s face it: If you have many gadgets, reconnecting them all to the network will be a hassle. On the other hand, this is the only foolproof technique on how to remove devices from the Wi-Fi router.

Anyone without the new passcode can’t connect to the Wi-Fi.

Utilize Mac Address Sifting on Your Router

Several routers include access control functionality that can oversee which gadgets are permitted to connect to your Wi-Fi. All wireless gadgets have a unique MAC address.

A few routers let you blacklist gadgets with a specific MAC address from connecting.

Several routers allow you to configure a whitelist of permitted gadgets and halt the accessibility of all connected gadgets in the future.

Nonetheless, not all routers include this option. Regardless of whether you can utilize it, this option is not entirely foolproof.

An individual with your Wi-Fi passcode could modify their gadget’s MAC address to match an accepted one, thereby taking its place on your network. You’ll need to enter MAC addresses when linking new gadgets physically, or a hacker can join at any time they want.

Enable Parental Controls on Your Router

If you’d like, you can automate the procedure to not always block and unblock your kids’ gadgets when you want to grant them internet access.

Several routers come with in-built parental controls that execute comparable roles.

You can find these configurations on the Parental Controls page, or they could be in the router’s security suite.

The configuration will differ from router to router; still, basic parental controls on a router will let you regulate what your children can access.

Parental controls likewise empower you to restrict certain conventions like streaming or texting and set time limits.

For instance, you can configure it to limit your child’s internet connection past 11 pm. Parental controls are an extra option on how to remove devices from the Wi-Fi router.

Utilize the Guest Network Feature

If you have guests in your house, you can simplify the Wi-Fi connection issue by setting up a visitor Wi-Fi network on the router.

A guest network is an isolated internet access point.

For instance, your Wi-Fi connection name could be ‘John @ Home,’ and then the guest network will be named ‘John @ Home – Guest.’

This ensures your guest cannot access the main network. This is another option on how to remove devices from the Wi-Fi router.

Several routers offer this feature, naming it as ‘guest network’ in the configuration. The guest network has a different passcode. You can modify the visitor network passcode without changing your primary network passcode.

Final Thought on How to Remove Devices from Wi-Fi Router

All in all, you need to take your internet security seriously and learn how to remove devices from the Wi-Fi router.

Failure to plug a security hole in your home or office Wi-Fi can land you serious problems with the law because any illegal activity done in your network can be traced back to the router.

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