Ring’s Always Home Cam (Flying Security Camera)

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Always Home Cam by Ring

Have you ever wondered about a drone indoors? What if a drone can keep an eye on multiple rooms and act as a security camera? Well, Ring has announced its new Flying Security Camera drone for indoors named the “Always Home Cam.”

This innovative camera is designed to extend your home’s security in a unique way.

What is the Always Home Cam?

Always Home Cam is a new security camera launched by the popular brand Ring. The ring has added this new Security Camera to its Smart Home Devices series.

Yes, it is quite innovative and attracts new eyeballs as it is unique and has got a bunch of extraordinary features in it.

Unlike the standard security cameras, the new Always Home Cam is a flying camera drone.

This camera docks itself when not in use, it acts as an Autobot where you can adjust the settings and customize its use as per your requirement.

What’s new?

The company has released additional information about its new security camera. As per the official information, the new Always Home Cam will add new end-to-end encryption within the Ring’s mobile app.

The official mobile app of Ring lets you customize its settings as per your needs.

This new end-to-end encryption feature will be made available this year from the next update of the camera to enhance security.

The same feature will improve the security of other smart devices installed in your home.

The idea behind inventing this innovative device is to monitor your room when you are not at home. The company has designed this drone with new technology.

When the drone has done flying, it will return to its dock. When in the dock, the drone will recharge its battery and it will be ready to fly when the user wants.

The best thing about this drone is its user interface. The Always Home Cam lets you take full control of the camera right from your mobile phone.

You can control the camera from anywhere you want, right from your mobile phone, using its official app.

How does this Camera Work?

Ring's Always Home Cam Flying Security Camera

How does Ring’s Always Home Cam Flying Security Camera Work

As noted above, this camera is fully autonomous. It is up to the user who can decide the flying path of this flying drone. A user from a remote location can customize everything from its official mobile app.

When you first set up the device, you will first create a map of your home with the path where the camera has to fly.

This map will ask you to point out specific points such as bedrooms, kitchen area, etc. You can use a demand flying mode or give proper commands to it using the built-in programs.

When the camera notices any disturbance in between, it will alert the users. The same camera is compatible with Ring’s Smart Alarm.

The charring dock blocks the viewing window of the camera. This means when the camera is in the dock, it won’t be able to record things.

However, when it is flying, it can record everything you want from different angles and different areas across your home, such as bedrooms, kitchen, drawing room, etc.

The built-in camera is capable of recording videos at full HD resolution, i.e. 1080 pixels.

The company says that the drone makes some noise while flying, which will also be recorded in the video. So, that has to be accepted by the users when using this flying camera drone for security purposes.

Furthermore, the company has also said that this camera can be used to check different things in your home, such as if the gas stove is turned on or the tap is open, etc.

The new Always Home Cam is designed with a new technology that avoids obstacles that come in between.

This means the camera avoids obstacles when flying across your home. You need not worry about the obstacles such as lights, ceiling fans, etc.

Moreover, the propellers of this drone camera have special shrouding on them. This means the propellers will not hurt animals or damage the walls or the furniture.

It is safe and a perfect indoor security guard for your home.

Ring’s Always Home Cam Pricing and Availability:

The new Ring’s Always Home Cam will be available from this year (The company announces no specific date regarding its availability).

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