How to Mount Ring Stick Up Cam

How to Mount Ring Stick Up CamHow to Mount Ring Stick Up Cam

Before you jump on to the procedure regarding how to mount a ring stick-up cam, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to.

Besides charging the Ring stick-up cam battery, you need to set the ‘Stickup Cam in the Ring app before kick-starting the mounting process.

How do you set up the Ring stick-up cam in the Ring app?

Step 1. Installing the Ring app on your smart device

The first step is downloading and installing the Ring app on your smart device. You can do so by visiting the Play Store ( for Android devices) and App Store( for IOS devices). Once done, you then need to plug in your Ring stick-up cam device to a nearby power outlet.

Step 2. Creating an account to set the Ring stick-up cam

If you already own a Ring device, you don’t need to create a separate account and can add this Ring stick-up cam to your existing device list. In case you don’t, create a new account while following the in-app instructions.

Afterward, you need to set up the Ring and stick up a cam in the app while tapping on the ‘Set up Device’ option. This will require you to scan the QR code on the Ring Stick-up cam.

You will now receive a prompt on the smart device( conveyed by the Ring app) asking your permission to use your device’s location services.

Please key in the required details and tap on Confirm.

Please note that your ‘Ring stick-up cam’ device may not work properly in the absence of accurate location details. You now have to choose the location where the Ring stick-up cam needs to be installed.

Pick either Indoors or Outdoors according to your needs and preferences. While doing that, you also need to select whether the camera would be facing any particular zone or spot within your surroundings.

Choose a spot that can help you to make the best use of the night vision and motion detection feature.

Step 3. Connecting the Ring stickup cam to the Wi-Fi network

The next step would be to connect the Ring stick-up cam to the Ring Wi-Fi network.

The connections are established automatically in the case of Android devices. On the other hand, IOS devices may ask for your permission before initiating any such connection.

The last and most important step here is to connect the Ring stick-up cam to your home Wi-Fi network. Just in case you have more than one Wi-Fi network at your place, choosing the one near the Ring stick-up cam device will be helpful.

Once through, you must test your device by checking the live view, Motion detection, and other available features. That said, let’s proceed with further steps to help you out regarding the mounting process of the Ring Stick-up cam.

Recommended steps regarding how to mount Ring Stick up cam

Step 1. Pick the desired location

As the Ring stick-up cam has already been connected with the Ring app, you need to go through the physical mounting process of the device. Hence, you first need to decide where you want to mount the Ring stick-up cam device.

Choose a location that goes correctly according to your specific surveillance needs.

It can be a wall, a table, a shelf, or any other spot, according to your preference. In case you want the ‘Ring stick-up camera’ to be mounted on a table, you don’t need to bring any screws or tools into play. In other cases, go by step number two.

Step 2. Mounting the Stick Up Cam on a wall

To start ahead with the mounting of the Ring stick-up cam, you first need to take off the base of the Stick Up Cam by unscrewing it via a high-quality screwdriver.

Once done, re-fix the same base to the back front of the Ring stick-up cam marked with a UP ‘arrow’ sign.

Take off the mounting bracket by descending and removing it from the stickup cam base. Put the mounting bracket against the wall while ensuring the same UP arrow sign goes upwards. Afterward, mount the bracket with the provided screws.

You then need to guide the grooves in the base to the hooks on the mounting bracket. Carefully push the Stick Up Cam down to fix it against the wall.

Test the angle and height of the Ring stick-up cam while checking on the live view and motion detection features of the Ring stick-up cam.

Points to ponder regarding how to mount Ring stick-up cam

  • Picking the right location and height is a pre-requisite if you want to enjoy the features of the Ring stick-up cam without any obstructions
  • Use the same wifi for both Ring stick-up cam and smart device with the Ring app for smooth functioning
  • The Ring Stick Up Cam comes over with two optional security screw locations. While one attaches the mounting bracket to the base, the other fixes the battery compartment.

The bottom line for how to mount Ring stick cam

The above-mentioned steps would be of great help in your efforts to mount the Ring stick-up cam. Please read the provided user manual or contact Ring support for further help and support.

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