How to Hide Wifi Router Box and Still Get the Best Reception

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How to Hide Wifi Router Box and Still Get the Best Reception – Overview

You can hide your router box in different areas, such as behind photo frames and inside baskets. However, you should place it in the right location for the best performance, even if you own a beautifully designed mesh Wi-Fi router like Google Nest.

Read on to learn how to hide the Wi-Fi router box and the best place to keep it.

How to set up a WiFi Router Box to Get the Best Network Reception

Keep the Router in a Centralized Location

The wires you insert in your router are often assembled at the corner of your house. However, you can still extend them to a centralized area.

Choose where you spend most of your time or where you access the internet the most.

Keep the Router Away from a Microwave

If you have a microwave, you may notice that your internet slows down whenever you use it.

Microwaves and wireless routers can operate on similar frequencies (2.4 GHz), and interference from a microwave can disrupt your Wi-Fi signal.

Keep Your Router away from Brick or Concrete Walls.

While different materials display a certain amount of radiation, some, like concrete, do so more strongly.

As a result, surrounding your router with brick or concrete will bar your signal from reaching all the areas inside your home or office.

How to Hide Wifi Router Box

How to Hide Wifi Router Box

For optimal signal distribution, especially in multi-story homes, position the router’s antenna vertically to enhance upward and lateral signal spread

If you live in a storied house, ensure your router’s antenna is well-positioned to improve the signal across the house. Position the antenna upwards to boost the quality of your signal.

Routers with two or more antennas are often better suited for larger homes because they can broadcast signals in multiple directions. Note that some modern routers have internal antennas. Position such routers accordingly to improve their performance.

Make Sure the Router is Raised

WiFi routers discharge radio waves that spread across from their source. Fix your router high on a wall or shelf to improve your signal.

This point works well if you have a storied house and want to enhance connection across your home.

How to Hide WiFi Router Box

Routers and cables can be unsightly in your home, but you can use different methods to hide them and keep your home neat.

While considering methods to hide your router, note that some devices, not typically routers, may require line-of-sight for infrared remotes to function, but this is less common with routers which usually do not use infrared. These require some visibility to operate efficiently.

Again, avoid enclosing electronics in areas where they are likely to overheat and trigger a fire. Here are some methods to keep your router and its cables out of sight.

Get a Decorative Box

Visit any local craft store for a wide range of decorative boxes. Choose a non-metallic box and ensure it is big enough to fit your router box.

You may want to cut holes to enhance ventilation and ensure the antenna pops out. Place your box on a high shelf or cabinet to boost signal strength.

Keep Your Router Behind Other Objects

Clocks, thick leafy plants, and ornamental photos can help you hide your router box stylishly.

You can place the WiFi box on the side while ensuring the antenna points upwards.

If you have higher shelves, your router will be in the ideal position to keep the blinking lights out of sight and provide excellent signal strength.

Consider putting it Inside a Picture Frame

Think beyond placing your router box behind an ordinary photo frame. Consider a deep shadow box or frame, and create an artistic hiding area.

Many routers come with attachment areas, and you can use these to mount them at the back of the frame. Make sure the frame you choose is non-metallic.

Make sure your router has adequate room for ventilation. Create some holes in the frame for ventilation purposes.

Place it in the Entertainment Center.

Your entertainment center holds most of your electronic cables and can be an ideal storage area for your router box.

When placing your router in an entertainment center, make sure its antenna is not obstructed and it is not placed directly on top of heat-generating devices to avoid overheating. Ensure your electronics are well-ventilated.

If your storage cabinets are closed, you may want to cut some holes for ventilation.

Do not close your router to objects that generate a wireless signal because they can disrupt your WiFi connection. Some of these objects include Bluetooth gadgets and baby monitors.

With these tips, you should be able to hide your WiFi router box, keep your home neat, and still get the best signal reception.

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