How to Reset Google Wi-Fi Router

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How to Reset Google Wi-Fi Router

If you’re a Google Wi-Fi router user, you might need to reset your device at some point. This could be because you wish to change the Wi-Fi password but can’t access the router settings, or you’re planning to return the device.

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, here’s a detailed guide on resetting your Google Wi-Fi router safely.

Resetting Google Wi-Fi Router – Getting Started

How to Reset Google WIFI Router - Powered and Online

How to Reset Google Wi-Fi Router – Powered and Online

Meanings of the Google Wi-Fi Router Light Colors

The light strip at the router’s center indicates its status.

  • No light indicates the router is likely not plugged into a power source, or you’ve disabled or dimmed the light indicator via the Google Home app.
  • Intermittent white light signals the router is booting up. Allow a few seconds for it to fully start before attempting a reset.
  • Stable white light indicates the device is on and functioning correctly.
  • A yellow light appears when the router is undergoing a reset.
  • Red light signifies a critical error, suggesting a reset might be necessary.

To verify if the router is active, check the Nest app. If set up, the router should be listed among the active devices.

2 Methods to Reset Google Mesh Wi-Fi

You can reset your Google router using the router’s reset button or the Google Home app. The hardware reset is straightforward and beneficial if the router can’t be accessed via the network or app.

Both methods will erase your settings. However, the app ensures all data is deleted and the router is removed from your device list.

Method 1- Use the Hardware Reset Button

The reset button’s location and design differ between the Nest Wi-Fi AC2200 and AC1200 models.

AC1200 Reset Button

Hardware Reset Button

Hardware Reset Button

AC2200 Reset Button

Reset Button of Nest Wifi AC2200

Reset Button of Nest Wi-Fi AC2200

Ensure the router is powered on, then press and hold the reset button for about ten seconds.

The router’s indicator will turn yellow, signaling it’s ready for a factory reset.

Release the button once the light turns solid yellow. Avoid holding the button for over ten seconds to ensure the reset process initiates properly.

If you exceed ten seconds by mistake, unplug the router, plug it back in, and wait at least a minute before trying again.

Allow the router to complete the reset, which could take up to ten minutes. The light will pulse white, indicating the router is reset to factory settings and ready for setup.

Method 2- Reset the Router Using the Home App

This method is preferable as it not only resets the router but also removes it from your device list and deletes its data from Google’s servers. It’s applicable if the router is still functional and connected to the network.


Resetting via the Google Home app

is straightforward.

  1. Launch the Google Home App on your mobile device.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi router from your device list, tap on settings.
  3. Find and tap Factory reset Wi-Fi point, then select Factory Reset. Confirm your choice to begin the reset process. The indicator will turn solid yellow until the reset completes.
Reset Google Wifi Router Using the Home App

Reset Google Wi-Fi Router Using the Home App

Before attempting a factory reset, ensure you’ve backed up your router settings. A factory reset will erase all your data, returning the router to its original settings.

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