How to Connect Sony A7 To iPhone In 2 Steps

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How to Connect Sony A7 to iPhone

Connecting your Sony A7 camera to an iPhone enables the transfer of pictures and videos directly to your mobile device. This guide outlines the steps to establish a connection between the Sony A7 and an iPhone, simplifying the easy sharing and storage process.

How to Connect Sony A7 to iPhone in 2 Steps

Step 1. Establishing the Connection

Begin by activating the smart remote control application on the Sony A7 through the main menu. A screen displaying the SSID information, password, and device name will appear.

Next, navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi on your iPhone and connect to the wireless access point created by the Sony A7. Once connected, open the PlayMemories Mobile application on your iPhone.

Step 2. Pairing the Devices

After downloading the PlayMemories application, position the iPhone’s rear camera close to the NFC logo on the camera. This action initiates the application and begins the connection process automatically. The devices are now paired, allowing to transfer images and videos.

Setting Up and Sharing with PlayMemories on iPhone

  • Download the PlayMemories Mobile app from the iTunes store to leverage the built-in connectivity features of the Sony A7 cameras for a seamless connection.
  • Configure the camera by pressing the menu button on the back and navigating to ‘Send to Smartphone’ using the control pad.
  • Choose ‘Select on Smartphone’ to decide whether to select images directly on the camera or the smartphone for transfer.
  • Activate the camera’s Wi-Fi by selecting ‘Select on Smartphone’. This creates an access point to which you will connect your iPhone.
  • Select the camera’s Wi-Fi access point from your iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings and enter the password displayed on the camera screen when connecting for the first time.
  • Upon establishing the connection, the sharing process begins, indicated by a status message on the A7 camera.
  • By default, the PlayMemories app transfers 2-megapixel images for quick sharing. However, you can adjust this setting within the app for different resolutions, such as VGA for Instagram posts, to speed up the transfer process.
  • The app organizes images by date, making it easier to locate and select specific photos for import.
  • Select images for transfer by tapping the checkbox in the upper left corner of the desired images. You can also view full-size previews or swipe through images in full-size mode.
  • The transfer process is swift over Wi-Fi. Once complete, power off the A7 to disconnect the Wi-Fi. The transferred images will now be available in your iPhone’s camera roll for easy social media or email sharing.

The Bottom Line for How to Connect the Sony A7 to the iPhone

Establishing a connection between the Sony A7 and an iPhone is straightforward. By correctly pairing the devices and entering the SSID and password, the rest of the process is smooth and efficient, facilitating the easy sharing of your photographic work.

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