How To Use Nikon P1000?

How To Use Nikon P1000How To Use Nikon P1000

How to Use Nikon P1000? – Overview

It’s not that often that you find a point-and-shoot camera with a 3000mm zoom facility. Still, learning how to use the Nikon P1000 is quite essential if you want to make the best use of this feature to enhance the quality of your captured shots.

This camera is quite a game-changer for all wildlife, sports, and travel photographers. With its 16MP low light CMOS sensor and 4K UHD video capturing capability, you can certainly give wings to your photography aspirations.

Now, before you try to put this camera to use, you must learn about its unique features and settings in detail.

Getting started with Nikon P1000

You have to insert the camera battery and get it charged before putting the camera to use. The batteries are provided separately in the camera package and need to be inserted after taking off the orange battery latch on the camera’s top plate.

Once the battery has been properly inserted, you just need to charge it after connecting it to the provided AC adapter, which needs to be connected to a power outlet.

You must ensure that the USB cable used for charging must be a UCE21 cable. Using any other USB cable may result in unwanted electric shock, fire, or overheating.

The camera can be used while the battery is getting charged. Still, the charging time will increase in this case.

Camera setup

You first need to power the camera on. Afterward, use the multi-selector to adjust and select the required settings. You will then be welcomed with the language selection dialog box. Select the required language by toggling on the arrow keys and pressing OK to confirm your selection.

The same language can be changed at any given point by simply selecting the given menu setting. Once you have selected the language, you will then be asked to select the date and time.

You first need to highlight your home time zone with the daylight saving option. Use the arrow keys to make the required selection and OK to confirm it. Once done, manually enter the time and date and press OK again to confirm it.

Basic camera operations

Shooting images

For a start, you must use Auto mode to capture your favorite images and videos. The auto mode can be selected by rotating the mode dial to the camera icon. This way, the camera can use predefined settings to capture the respective image or videos.

Once you have put the camera into Auto mode, hold the camera while focusing on the subject. As you do that, keep your fingers and other objects away from the flash, lens. Autofocus assist illuminator, speaker, and microphone.

You can also adjust the Zoom option according to your requirements. Press the shutter halfway down to put the subject in focus. Once the subject gets in focus, the focus indicator or focus area will be displayed in green. Moreover, once you’re using digital zoom, the focus of the camera stays at the center of the frame.

As the subject has been put on focus correctly, press the shutter release button fully to capture the image. In case you want to use the flash for dark locations or surroundings, move the flash pop-up control placed on the top plate to raise the built-in flash facility.

Recording movies

Recording movies with Nikon P1000 is quite easy. Just press the movie record button placed on the top right of the camera to start the recording process. Once the movie recording is completed, press the same button again to end the process.

Switching between the monitor and viewfinder

The viewfinder must be used when the surrounding conditions are quite bright and further make it difficult for the monitor to view the subject. Bring the face closer to the viewfinder and the eye sensor will react to it while automatically turning ON the viewfinder.

Moreover, the monitor will be automatically switched off during this process. In case the subject in the viewfinder goes invisible, you can rotate the diopter adjustment control while sneaking through the viewfinder.

Playing back images

To playback the images, you have to press the Playback button, which will take you to the playback mode. Please note if the playback button is pressed down with the camera being turned off, it automatically puts the device into playback mode.

After entering this mode, you can switch between images using the arrow keys. Also, press the DISP button to check the various image settings and options on the screen.

The same screen would also provide you with a delete button that can be used to delete the images or videos. Also, the same menu setting can be used to view the captured videos.

The bottom line for How to use Nikon P1000

The camera is a standout in terms of its unique features and controls. So, you must master all of these features to enhance your photography and videography skills with this camera gem.

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