How To Use Canon 700D – Overview

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How To Use Canon 700D – Overview

Mastering the Canon 700D doesn’t require extravagant efforts or deep technical knowledge. Simply familiarize yourself with its user-friendly settings, controls, and features by following the guidelines and instructions.

The camera has comprehensive features designed to enhance your photography experience across various subjects.

Interestingly, most photographers utilize only about 25% of a camera’s features, tailoring the use to their unique style and techniques. This guide introduces you to this exceptional camera’s basic features, settings, controls, and modes.

Getting Started with Canon 700D

Understanding the Layout

The layout of the 700D closely mirrors that of its predecessors, making it familiar to those who have used earlier models.

The introduction of touch controls makes navigating the camera’s functions as intuitive as using a smartphone.

You’ll find mode dials on the top plate, including Portrait, Landscape, Action, Close-up, Night Portrait, Handheld Night Scene, and HDR Backlit modes.

The standard P, AV, TV, and M shooting modes are also present, along with a B (bulb) mode in manual settings, allowing for shutter speeds of 30 seconds or more, manually controlled by the photographer.

The ISO button, identifiable by a raised dot for easy location, is also on the top plate.

Learning About the Camera Menu

The Canon 700D features an extensive menu system that can be customized to the user’s preferences.

The menu is divided into sections, each indicated by different tab colors. In Auto+, CA, and C modes, or when the flash is off, seven menu tabs are accessible. There are eleven tabs in creative modes like P, TV, AV, or M.

The red tab encompasses the shooting or camera settings menus. There are four tabs for shooting still images in creative mode, one dedicated live view menu, and two movie mode menus when Movies is selected.

The blue tabs cover playback and print commands, offering two menus regardless of the mode.

The yellow tabs, representing the setup menus, provide access to various features and controls across four menus for each mode.

Lastly, the green tab, or My Menu, can be personalized with frequently used settings but is unavailable in Auto+, flash-off, CA, or scene modes.

Understanding the menu system is crucial for efficiently navigating the camera’s features.

The Playback Menus

The playback menu includes options for reviewing images and videos. Many playback functions are accessible via the Q button, reducing the need to navigate this menu frequently.

Options for resizing and rating images allow users to organize and evaluate their shots according to personal criteria.

The Bottom Line for How to Use Canon 700D

Canon’s intuitive touch menu system implementation significantly simplifies the learning curve for the 700D. Gaining a basic understanding of its menu structure and controls is essential for making the most of this versatile camera.

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