How To Use Sony DSC H300

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How To Use Sony DSC H300 – Overview

The Sony DSC H300, a notable member of the Sony Cybershot series, stands out in the point-and-shoot camera market with its impressive features. It has a 20.1 MP sensor and HD video capability, ensuring high-quality imagery. Additionally, its 35x optical zoom allows for capturing distant subjects with clarity. Follow the steps outlined below for guidance on using and handling the Sony DSC H300.

Main Menu Settings

  • Upon first accessing the main menu, set the date and time.
  • Pressing the menu button reveals various features and settings, represented by icons on the main screen.
  • Image size and aspect ratio adjustments allow for creative flexibility, though images are saved as JPEG files.
  • Modify image compression, panorama size, and direction to suit your preferences.
  • Select your preferred file format for images.
  • Control buttons are available for managing exposure, photo creativity, and autofocus.
  • Various shooting functions and settings can be accessed through the function button, using the control buttons for selection.
  • The control dial facilitates changing settings for each shooting mode.
  • Customized settings for functions such as time, focus magnification, auto review, and others can be adjusted.
  • Wireless connectivity options enable image and video sharing with devices like smartphones and computers. Additional features include one-touch NFC, airplane mode, and more.

Charging the Camera

  • Connect the camera to the provided AC adaptor, then plug the adaptor into a power outlet.
  • Alternatively, charge the camera via USB by connecting it to a computer or laptop.

Shooting Images and Videos

Still Images

Focus on the subject by pressing the shutter button halfway, which is indicated by a beep sound and a green light. Capture the image by pressing the shutter button fully.


Start recording by pressing the video button, adjusting the zoom as needed. Stop the recording by pressing the video button again.

Controlling Manual Settings

Step 1

Switch the mode dial to manual exposure (M).

Step 2

Select the shutter speed or aperture value by pressing the bottom side of the control button.

Step 3

Adjust the shutter speed or aperture value using the control wheel, checking the exposure value accordingly.

Viewing Images

Access stored images by pressing the playback button. Navigate through images using the control button, and delete unwanted photos by selecting them and confirming deletion.

The Bottom Line on How To Use Sony DSC H300

You can effectively utilize the Sony DSC H300 by following the detailed steps and guidelines. For additional assistance, consult the user manual included with the product or ask questions as needed.

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