How to Use Nikon D850?

How To Use Nikon D850How To Use Nikon D850

How to Use Nikon D850? – Overview

If there’s one DSLR from Nikon that has made its special place in the hearts of photography fans, it’s the Nikon D850. Still, you have to learn How to use Nikon D50 before starting with its usage and handling for the very first time.

Thanks to its advanced features and settings, the camera has gained some big popularity within no time. Still, with an extensive list of controls and features, it sometimes becomes too complex for a beginner to use this camera for their photography aspirations.

Hence, going by the following list of steps and guidelines can help you in the same respect.

Getting started with Nikon D850

The first thing that every camera user must do before using the camera is to charge the battery. Without it, you cannot get ahead by clicking those amazing pictures and videos.

To get the same job done, simply take out the battery pack provided separately with the camera and place it in the tiny opening at the bottom part of the camera. Now, put one end of the USB cable into the tiny USB slot of the camera and the other into a USB adaptor.

After the camera has been charged, you now need to ensure that you have the latest firmware installed in the Nikon D850.Do check the firmware version beforehand and then go ahead with the update process.

To do that, turn the camera ON and press the main menu button. Once done, navigate through the SETUP menu placed with a spanner icon. Right there, on the last list of the same menu, you would find ‘Firmware Version’.

Once that option has been selected, You just have to press the required menu button to check the updated firmware for the lens and the camera.

Setting time zone

The next thing that you need to do is set the time zone. This can be done while navigating through to the first page of the Setup menu. There you will find an option for ‘Time zone and date’. Opt for this and then select the required navigation key to check through the available options.

Now select the right date and time according to your specific region and country. You need to do this to ensure that the image data stored in your camera’s memory is accurate.

Adjusting the image quality

The Nikon D850 is set to capture normal-quality JPEG and compressed raw files as a default. To adjust the same setting according to your specific requirement, simply set the image quality in the photo shooting menu to JPEG fine and NEF(Raw) recording to uncompressed and 14-bit.

Using this setting will help you secure the image quality while saving some good space in your memory card.

Adjusting the color space

The Nikon D850 comes with a default setting of sRGB color space. This setting is okay until you want to capture JPEGs only or print them without any further edits.

Setting the right exposure mode

The Nikon D850 comes with a highly advanced camera. So, you won’t find any fully automatic or Scene modes with this device. The option available to the user is to choose other Modes like Program, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, and Manual exposure.

To select the required setting, simply hold the mode button on the camera’s top plate while gently rotating the rear thumb dial.

Adjusting the ISO sensitivity

Even though the camera allows you to use your own preferred ISO settings, it is highly recommended to use the Auto setting available with this camera. This is because the camera can adjust accordingly to the light settings within the surroundings without any external help.

To do that, check through to ISO sensitivity settings located on the second page of the photo shooting menu. Once done, slide right, and you can turn on the auto ISO sensitivity control.

While you have adjusted the same setting, you can also maximize the value that you want to use during the shoot while minimizing the shutter speed.

The bottom line for How to use the Nikon D850

This is the one camera that would be loved for its highly innovative and state-of-the-art features. Still, using these features often becomes a hefty task. So, following the steps and guidelines mentioned above can always ease the process for you.

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