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Wi-Fi Extender vs. Booster – What is the difference?

Wi-Fi extender vs booster – When it comes to internet connectivity, every other person has a Wi-Fi setup at home.

Talking about the routers, modems, or access points, they come in different shapes and sizes.

Further, the antennas help in extending the range. Some routers have two antennas, whereas others have up to four.

However, the Wi-Fi signal does not cover some parts of your house. In this case, you need an extender, booster, or repeater.

Definition of a Wi-Fi Extender

A Wi-Fi extender is a networking device that helps in extending the wireless networking range. When the Wi-Fi network signals drop to some extent or are almost zero, the extender helps.

It amplifies the main router signal and extends it to cover a wider area. In this way, the user devices such as laptops, Smartphones, etc. can connect easily.

Wifi Extender Vs. Booster – Wi-Fi extender

Definition of a Wi-Fi Booster

In addition, a networking device works similarly to a Wi-Fi extender. However, the difference is that the booster is established on the main router.

Mostly, it works as an antenna that helps in boosting the wireless signals, thereby making them more powerful.

Wifi Extender Vs. Booster – Wi-Fi booster

How Do Wi-Fi Extenders and Wi-Fi Boosters Work?

The main function of a Wi-Fi extender or a booster is to widen the coverage area of the wireless network.

Further, it uses amplification techniques to extend the range, thereby boosting the signal too. Some areas in the house become dead spots and cannot receive wireless networks.

Here, the extender or boosters help the network to reach these places.

Further, for the WiFi extender or booster to work properly, it needs the main Wi-Fi router/network. It picks the network signal from the main router and transmits it to other devices.

However, the first solution is to move the Wi-Fi router location. Make sure to assign a central location to the router.

This way, one can get a better network range; secondly, if the router does not help, you can upgrade for better performance.

Lastly, if the dead spots are still there, the last resort is to get a Wi-Fi extender or a booster.

Wifi Extender vs Booster – Know the Differences

Talking about extenders, boosters, or repeaters they provide the same functionality. It is all about improving the wireless network coverage.

Meanwhile, the differences can be seen in the manufacturers. Not all extenders work in the same way. They differ in features.

Secondly, the network range depends on the bands they use – 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

Here, we take a dig into the differences that can help you in making the right decision.

Wi-fi Extender vs. Booster

Wi-fi Extender vs. Booster

  • A wifi extender is a networking device that helps in boosting wireless signals. It simply extends the range of the signal for other devices to connect. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi booster also does the same thing as the extender.
  • The wifi extender helps in boosting the signal strength to reach every area of the building. Whereas Wi-Fi booster also does the same thing by ensuring the network reaches the dead spots.
  • The Wi-Fi extender bridges a link between the main wireless router and other devices. Meanwhile, a Wi-Fi booster can be configured on the main Wi-Fi router.
  • Wi-Fi extenders do not work as antennas for wireless networking. Whereas, Wi-Fi boosters mostly work as antennas, thereby increasing the coverage area of the network.
  • Wi-Fi extenders are mostly used in small business offices. They help in improving the networking range for wireless devices. Whereas Wi-Fi boosters are used in large-scale organizations, residential buildings, hotels, and much more. They also improve the networking range for wireless devices. See Also (Wi-Fi Routers for Large Home)
  • As the name suggests, the Wifi extenders are used at places where wireless signals are not available. At the same time, Wi-Fi boosters help in improving weak networking signals, thereby giving them a better reach.
  • Wi-Fi extenders have a learning curve and are difficult to set up. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi boosters are easy to configure, set up, and use.
  • Wi-Fi extenders are costlier networking devices as compared to Wi-Fi boosters.

Wifi Extender – Access Point Mode

At times, you may experience that there are some losses in the Wi-Fi network. Further, the throughput is not the same as what you get from the main router.

Here, the simple solution is to connect the main route to a Wi-Fi extender with a network cable.

In this scenario, you will name the Wifi extender its name. Further, you get a faster connection without any losses. You can also opt for Wi-Fi repeaters, which work as access points.

access point

Wifi Extender Vs. Booster – access point

Choosing the Best Wifi Extenders

It purely depends on your budget and requirements, the area of your house, etc. Further, as we mentioned earlier, you should take care of the main router location.

If nothing works, then the last resort solution is to buy a range wifi extender.

Furthermore, it is your choice to use high-speed internet. The bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz work differently, but with range extenders, you get better speeds.

Make sure you check all the things beforehand and then buy a networking device of your choice. Happy Surfing!

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