How to Connect Arlo Camera to TV?

How to Connect Arlo Camera to TVHow to Connect Arlo Camera to TV

If you have recently bought an Arlo camera and are facing trouble regarding its connection to the TV, the following guidelines and instructions are there to help. Most Arlo cameras can be accessed and monitored via the Arlo App.

Connecting Arlo Camera to a TV( via the Arlo app)

Provided that your Arlo cameras are properly functioning via the Arlo App, you first need to download and install the app via Playstore (Android TV) or App Store (Apple TV).

After launching the application, follow the instructions to log into your Arlo account.

By doing that, you can easily access the app (with all the related functions) on the bigger screen. Moreover, users can view the live feeds and motion alerts on their TV screens.

How to Connect Arlo Camera to TV

Connecting Arlo Camera to a TV

Connecting Arlo camera to TV (using Google Assistant)

Here, you will need a Google Home Hub and a Chromecast device. Set up a voice-enabled speaker with the Google Home hub if you wish to use it to receive voice-motion alerts.

Launch the Google Home Assistant App on your Smart TV and follow the below instructions.

  • Go to the home page of the Google Assistant App.
  • Tap Devices.
  • Tap +Add
  • Tap New Device
  • Choose a Home, then tap Next
  • Select Cameras from the list
  • Tap for the Arlo icon from the available list of devices
  • Log in to your Arlo account.
  • Your Arlo camera is successfully connected with Google Assistant.
  • To check on its functioning, say, “Hey Google, show [name of the room with the camera] on [Google device’s name].”
  • To stop the stream, say, “Hey Google, stop [name of Chromecast device].”

Connecting Arlo camera to TV ( using Amazon Fire TV stick)

While connecting the Arlo camera to the TV using the Amazon Fire TV stick, you must also use the Amazon Echo Dot device. Afterward, follow the below steps to ensure an uninterrupted connection between the devices.

  • Download and install the Alexa app. Ensure that the Fire TV stick and Alexa app are using the same Wi-Fi network and you are logged in with the same Amazon account.
  • Activate the Arlo skill by entering into the home screen of the Alexa app. Tap on the 3 lines menu and then select Skills and Games. Select the ‘Search ‘ icon and type ‘ Arlo’.
  • Select ‘Enable’ and follow the provided instructions to sync your Arlo account with Alexa. Wait for Alexa to locate your Arlo camera. In case Alexa is unable to discover your Arlo camera, go back to the home screen and check for any prompt saying “ XYZ Device discovered. View’
  • If you haven’t received any notification of such type, head back to the devices section and re-add the Arlo camera to your list of devices.
  • As Arlo’s skill has been enabled now, you can check and use the Amazon Fire TV stick immediately. Test its functioning by tapping on the Microphone button on the Amazon Fire TV stick and saying ‘ Alexa, show ( Arlo Camera name)
  • The camera’s name stays the same( allocated during Arlo camera setup).In case you want to be double-sure, check for the same on the Arlo app device list screen.
  • Wait for some time and you will be prompted with the live feed of your Arlo camera’s screen. The process may take some time, depending on your Internet connection’s speed.
  • In case you want to stop viewing the live feed, say, “Alexa, hide ( Camera name ).” You can also do this by tapping the ‘Back’ button on the Amazon Fire TV stick.
  • If you get a “Waiting for Arlo” prompt longer than usual, restart the Fire TV stick and repeat the instructions. Test the Arlo camera’s functioning multiple times to stay assured of getting the desired results.

The bottom line for how to connect Arlo’s camera to a TV

A lot depends on your smart TV’s compatibility with the provided devices and applications. Hence, you must check the related details on the manufacturer’s official website beforehand.

Arlo cameras don’t yet support a connection with the TV via USB or HDMI, so going by the methods mentioned above is highly recommended.

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