Why Do My Arlo Camera Batteries Die So Fast?

Why Do My Arlo Camera Batteries Die So FastWhy Do My Arlo Camera Batteries Die So Fast

Why Do My Arlo Camera Batteries Die So Fast? – Overview

Feeling frustrated about the rapid battery drain in your Arlo camera? Well, just like any other security device, the rapid battery drain in Arlo cameras can occur due to a list of reasons like:

1. Any recent change in the position or viewing angle of your Arlo camera

2. Increase in the amount of activity by the Arlo camera lately due to random reasons

3. Distance between the Arlo camera, base station, and the Wi-Fi router

Most of the time, a rapid battery drain in the Arlo camera is a result of the reasons mentioned above. 

Besides, other reasons like technical issues with the base station, harsh weather, or light conditions can also severely impact your Arlo camera’s performance, efficiency, and battery life.

Major causes of rapid battery drain in Arlo cameras

Why Do My Arlo Camera Batteries Die So Fast

Why Do My Arlo Camera Batteries Die So Fast – Major causes

Increased motion events and recording time

If the Arlo camera has witnessed a drastic increase in the motion events within its field of view, it would further increase its recording time by a big extent.

Hence, it results in rapid battery drain during the process.

So, you must check whether the above situation occurred due to a change in the camera’s viewing angle or direction.

On the other side, if the increase in motion events is due to an expected situation, you have to replace the batteries once they run out.

The positioning of the Arlo camera

The camera may also face random signal, frequency, and connectivity issues with the base station and router due to an unreasonable positioning.

Ensure the Wi-Fi router isn’t between the base station and the Arlo camera device.

Additionally, check for any obstacles or objects that may weaken the signals during the Arlo camera’s functioning. Random objects like lightboxes, walls, trees, or others can drastically weaken the Arlo camera signals towards the base station.

Any technical issues with the base station

If the Arlo camera faces issues while connecting or communicating with the Arlo base station, the situation may sometimes lead to rapid battery drainage.

Until and unless the communication or connection is re-established, the camera will keep making efforts in the same direction.

Hence putting that extra load on the camera batteries. So, do check for any such issues or problems with the base station before going any further.

Try removing the Arlo camera from the base station and syncing it again( via the Arlo app).

You can also power cycle the base station or the Arlo camera or even remove or replace the batteries within the devices.

Harsh weather or light conditions

Positioning your camera in temperatures below 32 degrees can greatly impact its efficiency and performance delivery in the long run.

This way, the camera has to create stronger signals and frequency to communicate with the base station while putting that extra load into the battery.

On the other side, surroundings in the low-lit environment can also shorten your Arlo camera’s battery life case it is incorporated with highly advanced night motion sensors.

Not many people know, but these security devices have to put in extra effort in low-lit environments while using infrared sensors.

Handy tips to contain the rapid battery drain in the Arlo camera

1. Make sure that your Arlo camera is using the latest firmware or else it won’t be able to perform appropriately

2. Always bring the Optimized or Best Battery Life power setting in use to contain the rapid battery drain

3. Make necessary changes in the camera settings to record shorter videos. Doing this allows you to avoid extended video recordings that drain the battery rapidly.

4. Place your Arlo camera to a maximum of 300 feet (90 meters) distance of the base station or router for proper communication

5. Place your Arlo camera in a location with good signal strength and connectivity with the base station or the router

6. Never position your Arlo base station near multiple Wi-Fi routers.

7. While using the Arlo wireless camera, make sure you utilize the rechargeable batteries provided in the camera package or any replaceable battery provided by Arlo.

8. You can also use the high-quality batteries provided by other recognized battery manufacturers like Duracell, Panasonic, or the energizer.

The bottom line is, why do my Arlo camera batteries die so fast?

Refer to all the above-mentioned tips and instructions to ensure an extended battery life for your Arlo camera.

Moreover, let us know in the comments section whether you want us to post about any of your queries and questions regarding your favorite security cameras.

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