How to Check WiFi Router History on Android?

How to Check WiFi Router History on Android – Getting Started

The internet is an essential part of daily life. So many activities revolve around browsing and using the internet that it is almost impossible to imagine a world without the world wide web.

WiFi routers are often used within a network and shared between several devices. Homes, businesses, and schools are just a few of the places where many people often use wireless internet connections.

A router administrator may want to monitor how users within the network use the internet. In this article, we look at how to check WiFi router history on Android.

Reasons for Checking Wi-Fi History

Wireless internet connections give multiple users and gadgets access to the internet. The challenge however comes when there is a need to monitor the web activities of the users.

Router owners (also known as administrators) may be concerned, curious, worried or simply nosey. This makes them want to know just how the users within the network generally use the internet.

The Wi-Fi admin could be a parent concerned about what their child may be exposed to or a business owner worried that employees might be browsing the net for personal tasks instead of working.

There are many reasons people may have for checking WiFi history. Some of them include;

  • Browser history may not be able to give very detailed information concerning the visited site.
  • Users may delete their search history making their activity both invisible and inaccessible.
  • It is easy for users to mask or hide their browsing activities. They may choose to browse in incognito mode or hide their IP address through VPNs. This makes their information unavailable on the browser.
  • Admins may also want to know if other users within the network are monitoring their activity.

How to Check Wi-Fi Router History on Android

Having several devices connected to the internet through a router daily gives many reasons for owners to want to monitor users’ web activities.

There are many ways a person can monitor or delete the WiFi router history. The most basic ways are through a PC browser or the router’s log.

However, it is possible to access the same information through phones. The most common way is through apps. Many browsers also have settings that give androids access.

We specifically look at methods that work for Android.

How To Check Wi-Fi Router History Using Open DNS

Domain Name Service (DNS) is essential for using the internet because it translates the domain names and IP addresses making them understandable both to the user and the computer.

Requests to a DNS usually go to the IP address of the internet provider of the user.

How to Check WiFi Router History on Android

How to Check WiFi Router History on Android

It is possible, however, to direct them through OpenDNS.

How to Check WiFi Router History on Android

For Android, there are certain steps users must take to be able to use OpenDNS.

The Android needs to be configured to update the DNS servers. The advantage of using OpenDNS is that it isn’t difficult to set up.

  1. Beginning from the Android’s home screen, access the settings menu. On the settings menu, select Wi-Fi. This should bring up a list of all Wi-Fi networks within the phone’s range.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi your phone is connected to and long press. Two options should then appear on the screen, i.e., forget the network and modify the network. Select modify network.

How to Check WiFi Router History on Android

  1. This next step may differ depending on the type of phone. In some cases, users need to select advanced settings to access further settings, which will allow the DNS settings to be changed.
  2. At this point, change the IP settings from DHCP to static. This change will allow for the menu with the DNS settings available and will be available to change.

How to Check WiFi Router History on Android

  1. The phone will obtain the IP address automatically from the DHCP. Simply fill in the following DNS resolvers ( and for the DNS 1 and DNS 2 sections.
How to Check WiFi Router History on Android

How to Check WiFi Router History on Android

  1. Save the settings. This updates the DNS servers for your Android.
  2. Users can then create an account on the OpenDNS website using the steps they provide.

When all this setup is complete, all web browser requests and activities made from a WiFi router will be visible to the router’s administrator.

Wrapping It Up

Monitoring users’ internet activity may be done by concerned parents, worried employers, or simply nosey router administrators.

However, safety and accountability are some of the main reasons why an admin may want to monitor Wi-Fi router history.

Looking up the Wi-Fi history remotely is advantageous. Routers can be accessed anywhere and on any device. This means that it is possible to check the history even through an Android phone.

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