How to Block YouTube On Chromebook?

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How to Block YouTube on Chromebook – Overview

No matter which Chromebook your children use, they are likely to visit YouTube frequently. The site serves as an excellent resource for learning and entertainment. However, it also hosts content that may not be suitable for children.

All types of YouTube content can appear on the Chrome OS home screen, raising concerns about what children might watch if they use your Chromebook extensively.

Fortunately, there are several methods to block YouTube on Chromebooks, aiming to protect kids from harmful content. This measure can also help ensure that children are not distracted by videos while studying.

This article will present various ways to block YouTube on your Chromebook and other useful information to ensure comprehensive protection.

Blocking YouTube with a Chrome Webstore Add-On

Using an extension is one of the most effective ways to block YouTube on your Chromebook. Since Chrome OS lacks a built-in feature for this purpose, you’ll need a third-party tool capable of blocking websites. Although there are several options, we will focus on BlockSite for this discussion.


BlockSite is a popular choice among users for blocking websites on Google Chrome. It has garnered over 1 million users, largely due to its effectiveness, as evidenced by positive reviews.

How Can You Install BlockSite?

1. Access the Chrome Webstore, which houses extensions for various uses, including ad-blocking, PDF reading, and security scanning.
2. Search for “Website Blocker” or “Block Website” in the Chrome Webstore. Scroll through the options until you find BlockSite, then click on it.
3. You will be directed to another page. Here, click on “Add to Chrome.”
4. A pop-up window will appear, requesting final authorization before adding BlockSite to the Chrome browser. Click on “Add extension” to complete the installation.

How Do You Block YouTube with BlockSite?

1. Open YouTube and click on the BlockSite icon at the top-right corner of your screen.
2. You will see an option to block YouTube. Click on “Block this site” to proceed.
3. After this step, a new page will load, indicating that YouTube is blocked.

Note that the free version of BlockSite can block up to six sites simultaneously. To block additional sites, you would need to purchase a subscription plan.

BlockSite also allows blocking websites directly through its interface. By entering the URL of a website you wish to block and clicking on “Enter,” the site will be blocked.

Other extensions, such as ‘SiteBlocker,’ can temporarily block YouTube. For example, they can restrict access during specific hours, like 7 am to 9 pm, which can be useful for managing when your child is most active online.

Disabling Guest Browsing

After installing a site-blocking extension on your Chromebook, YouTube will be blocked. However, this setting is linked to your Google Account and does not apply to ‘Guest Browsing.’ Thus, it’s essential to disable ‘Guest Browsing’ to eliminate any loopholes for accessing YouTube or other blocked sites.

1. Open ‘Settings’ on your Chromebook, where the settings icon looks like a gear.
2. Click on ‘Manage other people.’
3. In the following screen, you will find the option to disable Guest Browsing. Click on the toggle button to finalize the process.

Create A Child Account

The ‘Family Link’ app allows you to implement parental controls on your Chromebook, granting complete oversight over its functions and usage.

Final Thought

The steps may vary depending on the specific Chromebook model and version of Chrome OS. It is recommended that you consult the official Chromebook support documentation.

In conclusion, using a blocking extension is likely your best option if you block YouTube on your Chromebook. Remember to restrict ‘Guest browsing’ to ensure YouTube remains inaccessible even after it has been blocked with an extension.

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