iOS 15 Makes it Harder for Hackers to Spoof Your Identity, Apple Claims

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Apple’s Face ID is by far the most advanced security feature ever introduced for mobile devices.

The company has now improved this security feature by making it harder for hackers to spoof your identity. Apple claims to have improved its Face ID feature with the new iOS 15 updates for iPhones and iPadOS 15 for iPads.

What’s new with Face ID?

Researchers have found that the new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates have a better anti-spoofing model than the previous updates. The new update brings an improved Face ID that makes it harder for hackers to unlock your device.

What’s new with Face ID

What’s new with Face ID

Being the most advanced security feature, the Face ID feature has several drawbacks. With the new update, the Face ID has now been improved and has better security than its previous edition.

History of Face ID

Apple had first introduced its security feature called Face ID along with the iPhone X back in 2017. The Face ID feature was made exclusive for Apple’s premium-end i.e. the new iPhones only.

The company had replaced the Touch ID feature i.e. the fingerprint scanner feature with the iPhone X. The Touch ID feature is still existing in older iPhones. In new iPhones, Face ID has become a mandatory security feature.

Apple’s Claims

The security updates published by Apple claim that they have significantly improved their Face ID feature. Face ID feature enables by TrueDepth sensor equipped with the front-facing camera of the device. With the 3D model constructed, the enrolled users can easily unlock the device.

Apple’s Claims

Apple’s Claims

However, with the new security feature, there will be no such issue as the company has found the real issue and fixed it with the new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates recently.

The Face ID Fix Will be Available For Which Devices?

The official document released by Apple claims that the new Face ID fix with the iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 will be available for the following devices.

  • iPhone X Series
  • iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the entire series
  • iPhone 11 Series
  • iPhone 12 Series
  • iPad Pro-11 inch
  • iPad Pro- 3rd Generation

All of the above-listed devices that already have the Face ID feature will get this new fix once they upgrade their device to the latest iOS and iPadOS updates for iPhones and iPads.

Being an Apple fan, you might know about the new iPhone 13 series. The company has recently introduced its new range of iPhones at a launch event in California.

The company has announced the new iPhone 13 series along with a new Apple Watch and several other devices. The new iPhone 13 series will be shipped with the latest iOS 15. So there will be no need of upgrading your new device.

What Apple has Stated in their Document?

Apple has clearly mentioned this issue as an “impact” in its official document. The official statement released by Apple is listed below:

“Impact: A 3D model constructed to look like the enrolled user may be able to authenticate via Face ID

Description: This issue was addressed by improving Face ID anti-spoofing models.”

We all know how the importance of such security features as we make online transactions and purchase different items right from our mobile devices. The reported issue has been fixed by Apple as the company has officially released a document regarding the fix.

What Apple has Stated in their Document

What Apple has Stated in their Document

Soon after the launch of Apple’s Face ID, other manufacturers of Android devices had also introduced their Face Recognition features. The same feature can now be found on even mid-range Android devices. Apple’s Face ID was not the only security feature that was facing this issue, but Android users are also frustrated as they can easily unlock their devices just by showing their photos to the device.

Being a security feature, the manufacturers need to fix it. Apple has taken the right step as they have noted and fixed this known issue on their Face ID feature. Soon, Android manufacturers will also try to fix this problem by finding out the issue and then fixing it with the next OS updates.

What Else?

The official document also claims that the new iOS 15 have fixed several other bugs reported by the testers and researchers from across the globe. The company has addressed various issues from CoreML, Neural Engine, Kernel, Accessory Manager, ImageIO, WebKit, and more.

If you are interested to know more about Apple’s new Security Patches on their latest update, then check out the official document released by Apple on Apple support page. The company will come up with new information regarding the other fixes in the coming days.

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