How to Get Charlie Chaplin Look on a Digital Camera?

Charlie Chaplin Look on a Digital CameraCharlie Chaplin Look on a Digital Camera

How to Get Charlie Chaplin Look on a Digital Camera – Overview

In today’s world of digitalization, people still look for old memories to cherish. If you want to relive the old days of the black-and-white age, then it is now possible.

You can get black-and-white photos and videos just like the classic black-and-white movies. So, how do you get Charlie Chaplin to look on a digital camera?- Let’s find out the answers!

Why Shoot Videos in Black and White?

A black-and-white mode is a unique way to create a scenic memory with your loved ones. You can live the vintage world through this mode on a digital camera. Yes, the same feeling as if you are watching a movie about everyone’s favorite character, Charlie Chaplin.

Black and white mode provides a unique atmosphere, a required tone, and a dream view that lasts forever. It also gives your photos an artistry feel where you can show off your beautiful work to others by uploading your photos on social networks and other platforms.

Black and white photography has become the talk of the town and everyone wants to shoot themselves in black and white just to create never-ending memories.

You can easily get Charlie Chaplin to look at a digital camera if you have the right equipment. You can shoot videos and take pictures in a completely black-and-white scene.

Well, modern-day cameras offer no such filters that let us shoot movies like Charlie Chaplin. However, some tools help us convert the videos into black-and-white colors so that you can easily get Charlie Chaplin-like looks. So, are you ready to dive into the tutorial?

How to Get Charlie Chaplin Look on a Digital Camera?

Charlie Chaplin Look on a Digital Camera

How to Get Charlie Chaplin Look on a Digital Camera?

You can get Charlie Chaplin’s looks on a digital camera’s videos by using Vegas Pro video editing software. This software has built-in filters that let you convert old-age black-and-white videos like a pro.

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First, you will need a raw video to convert using the software. Make sure you have the required resources and equipment to get the Charlie Chaplin-like videos. First, collect all the required things. If the software is not installed on your system, make sure to install it first.

Filmora is the most rated and highly recommended video editor software present in the market. The software comes loaded with plenty of useful features and video editing tools that let you add professional effects on your own.

As a new-generation video editing software, it comes with 4K video editing features, fixing shaky videos, converting raw videos, and much more. You can get plenty of free-to-use features and video editing tools along with this software.

6 Steps to Get Charlie Chaplin Look on a Digital Camera

Step 1: Cropping the Video Clip

The first thing you need to do is crop the video clip. Next, you must crop the video clip you want to convert. The built-in crop tool allows you to crop the video, resize the video and make other necessary changes to the original video for a final touch-up.

Step 2: Explore Effects

On the Filmora Software, click the Effects button and explore the available effects. Once you select the effect, you will see the preview of that effect on the software’s preview window. This will give you an insight into the final work you will complete using the software.

Step 3: Subcategory of the Filters

Click on the Subcategory option to explore even more filters. You can get instant results by typing Old into the search box. Just type in old and click the Enter button.

Step 4: Select the Old Video filter

From the search results, select the Old Video filter. You can drag and drop this filter’s effect within the video as per your requirements. At last, double-click on the effect to add it to the video.

Step 5: Make Final Changes

Once done, you can make further changes to the existing video. For example, you can add fade effects, alpha options, frequency of the videos, and more using the Settings tab located beside the Effects tab.

Step 6: Final Filter

The Filmora’s filters category offers five black and white filters to choose from. You can select the suitable filter as per your requirements from the given options to add a Charlie Chaplin look on a digital camera. You can place and see how your video looks before applying it to it.

To add more catchy effects, you can change the settings via alpha-slider. Just use the alpha-slider to make further changes to the video after you add the black-and-white effect.

Moreover, you can make the video look more catchy by adding some more tones from the Filter’s subcategory. Select the Sepia Tone category from the library to mimic the original look of the classic movies.

The Final Words:

That’s all about the Charlie Chaplin look on a digital camera. Since there is no built-in filter present on the digital camera, you can tweak the video using the fillmora or the iMovie software.

Some digital cameras offer black-and-white filters, but you must make other changes to the videos to get the classic-movie-like feeling.

This software is quick and adds professional results to the existing videos. Make sure to use them wisely. You can watch the tutorials on YouTube to practice more on this subject.

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