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Wedding Photography Packages – Overview

Is your or your closest people’s wedding coming up soon? If so, then proper preparation and planning are crucial. Of course, one of the key aspects of a wedding is wedding photography.

However, due to the importance of the work, selecting the best wedding photography packages may be one of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning.

The average wedding photographer cost in the USA in 2023 ranges between $700 to $10,000. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, I’m sure you’ll need some assistance figuring out wedding photography packages and pricing.

What exactly are you paying for? Hours, photos, and galleries are some of the possibilities you’re viewing, but what do they mean? Let’s get some insights on it.

Various photographers will offer different packages, including extra hours for prints, albums, additional photographers, and even champagne glasses!

Wedding Photography Package Coverage

The first thing you should know is that wedding photography packages are not all created equal. For example, some packages only cover the photographer’s shooting and editing time, with additional fees for products and services.

Other photographers’ packages may include planning assistance, photo booths, travel, printed items, and/or engagement sessions, depending on what they have to offer. Remember that you may be required to pay sales tax if you get any printed materials (although some photographers add them to their wedding photography packages).

Most wedding photography packages that contain a defined number of hours are continuous, which means that your coverage will not be interrupted if you don’t require shooting at a specific time.

The Print Release

A print release is a document signed by your photographer that grants you the right to print your photographs at any photo lab of your choice.

Some photographers include this in their packages, while others charge an additional fee or require you to print exclusively through their laboratories.

It’s crucial to have a print release since you don’t want to be stuck searching down your photographer for prints in the future. Even worse, you wouldn’t want to find out that the company is no longer in business and you won’t be able to print any more images!

Time Coverage

Select a package that includes as many hours as you can afford. Then, you’ll never look back on your wedding pictures and wish your photographer had taken fewer shots.

Pre-wedding ceremonies, gift exchanges, personal family moments, candid getting ready moments, comprehensive coverage of the ceremony, adequate time for family/bridal party/wedding photographs, reception, and everything in between are all included in a 10-12 hour wedding photography package.

The majority of standard wedding photography packages contain eight hours of coverage. As a result, photographers will have plenty of time to prepare candids, formal wedding shots, the entire ceremony, and celebration highlights with 8 hours to spare.

Photo Deliverables

Wedding photographers can send photographs in various ways once they’ve filtered and edited the best of the best for you. Some collections feature simply one of the items listed below, while others may include a mix.

Digital Documents:

Different photographers will include several final, edited photographs in a comprehensive gallery that you can browse and download at any time and share with loved ones to view, whether it’s presented as an online gallery or a USB (sometimes both).

Keep in mind that there may be an expiration date. Inquire with possible photographers about how and when they deliver photographs after the wedding and who has the right to print the images now and in the future.

Printed matter:

Printed on superior, chemically-sensitized paper in either a matte or glossy finish, physical copies of a few of your wedding images.

Inquire with your photographer about if they chose the photographs for the prints or if you can collaborate on the selection, as well as finish, size, and border preferences!

Photo Albums & Books:

Albums, like prints, are made up of a selection of photographs from your wedding gallery that have been arranged into a high-quality photo book or album that you can display in your home.

It’s a lovely way to look back on your wedding day’s highlights in the years to come and share anecdotes with your guests when they visit.

Travel & Accommodation

Travel may be another factor to consider when choosing a wedding photography package. A destination wedding is typically defined as a wedding that takes place more than 2 hours away from the vendor’s home/studio, as specified in their contract; hence, additional expenses may apply if the wedding takes place outside of this radius.

Some photographers include travel costs in their fees, while others will charge an amount based on the number of events.

Depending on the package you choose, they may need to stay more than one night, especially if you hire them for events like a Welcome Rehearsal Dinner, BBQ, or Send-Off Brunch. So keep these prices in mind when you assess the total package you book!

A Second Photographer or Assistant

A second photographer is an experienced wedding and camera photographer who either uses the company’s equipment or brings their own and is well-versed in it.

A photographer assistant is someone who carries baggage, handles light stands, doesn’t need to know anything about photography, and doesn’t usually photograph. Instead, they’ve been sent in to help the principal photographer.

A wedding photography package also includes a second photographer or assistant with additional costs.

Wedding Photography Packages Cost

The cost of wedding photography packages varies depending on a number of factors, including the location of your wedding (photographers in big cities tend to be more expensive than those in other areas), the services and packages you want, and the experience and level of expertise of your chosen photographer.

The costs of wedding photographers in the USA usually range from $1,150 to $3,000. The average cost is approximately $2,400.

You can go all out with your wedding photos and purchase the most expensive package, or you may save money by limiting the number of hours of coverage.

In the end, it’s up to you to find a vendor in your pricing range. Whatever you pick, your wedding album will be something you’ll have, carry, and cherish for the rest of your life which is quite priceless.

In addition, add-ons or additional hours for photography may result in higher fees. You may also have to pay for the photographer’s flights and accommodations if you’re having a destination wedding. Again, it is dependent on the package that they are providing.

Summing it up

If you’re working with a wedding planner, they can assist you with this process and provide questions to ask prospective photographers. After you’ve booked your venue and planner, this is usually the first vendor you’ll want to book.

However, it is preferable to choose among the best wedding photography packages as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out on your perfect wedding photographer.

I hope this information has helped you decide on a wedding photography package.

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