12 Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas And Tips

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Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas

It takes a lot of effort and proper skills to master the photography profession. Photography is not about pulling out your camera from the bag and starting taking random shots.

While shooting outdoors, you need to use special lenses and camera modes. Experienced photographers know about these basic things well.

In today’s article, we have compiled a list of ideas or we can say tips for outdoor wedding photography. With the following list of outdoor wedding photography ideas, you can become more productive.

Outdoor photography requires balanced light, proper exposure, and a perfect focus on the subject. These ideas help you to take the right outdoor shots for the couple.

Amazing Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas

1. First Meeting with the Couple

Before going out for wedding photography outdoor, it is recommended to check the current season. You will be hired by the couple a few months ago.

Meanwhile, you can meet them several times to discuss the different stages of wedding photography.

Being a photographer, you have to offer your suggestions to arrange things as per the requirements. If they have a backyard or a big garden around, ask them to set up places as per their requirements.

Before you meet the couple, you will have to carry a list of things that you will be required during the photo session. Ask them to arrange everything well to capture the best of moments.

2. Prepare a Checklist

Planning is the key to a successful photography session. If you do not plan out things for the day, you won’t be able to complete them in a day. Make sure you have prepared the list of the essential tools, poses to capture, props, etc.

Keeping yourself relaxed throughout the day improves the quality of photos. When you have everything planned well, you can finish this session smoothly.

3. The Best Time for Outdoor Photography

Outdoor photography requires a balanced light. You can try out different photography skills while capturing outdoor photos. Noon is the worst time for photography.

Advise them to be well-prepared with their wedding attires before 9 in the morning. 6 am to 9 am is the right time for outdoor wedding photography.

4. Be Well-prepared

Professional photographers know how to take perfect photos in different weather conditions. If you are a beginner photographer, then you should be well-prepared for all weather conditions.

Not all days are the same and for that reason, you have to plan out the shooting session accordingly.

5. Make Effective Investments

Instead of buying expensive lenses or cameras, you should go in other ways to improve your photography.

You can invest in props and other tools to capture the couple in different poses. You should keep umbrellas, extra lights, and other essential props as per your checklist.

6. Go for the Portrait

Portrait Photography is the best genre of photography while shooting outdoor. You can try out with the perfect lens to take a few portraits of the couple.

Make sure to enable the autofocus feature before you start the session. This will help you in focusing on the right object.

Wedding photos taken in portrait mode look beautiful. Give it a try and see the results for yourself.

7. Add Extra Flashlight

Balanced Lighting is all that you need to capture the perfect shots in outdoor photography. If there is not enough light on the faces, you can add extra lights.

Professional photographers keep a couple of extra lights handy while shooting in different conditions.

8. Set the right Exposure

The right exposure settings are a must while shooting outdoor. You have to deal with uneven lighting throughout the day while shooting outdoor.

You can balance uneven lighting by setting up the right exposure on your digital camera.

Make sure you set it well as you will not be able to get it back from software or any other tool. Set the exposure in such a way that you can see the bride’s white dress neatly.

9. Always take pictures in RAW

Digital cameras have the option to shoot the photos in different file formats. Unlike the standard photos, you should prefer taking photos in RAW format.

RAW format is considered as the negative of your digital files. This means you can edit or design the final shot the way you want using the software on a computer system.

When you take shots in JPEG or any other format, you won’t be able to edit those pictures on a computer system.

Always keep RAW copies of the shots to modify your clicks on photo editor software.10. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Instead of taking photos in direct sunlight, you should try out different ways like capturing shots in the shadows of the tree.

Direct sunlight causes a lot of disturbance. You can’t edit such photos well either. Make sure you set up the right white balance and exposure to make these shots look good.

11. Add Wide Shots in the Library

Wedding Photography is not all about taking pictures of the bride and groom. You should include the other members of the families also.

Apart from the family members, you should also include the decorations of the background and another setup of the event.

You must go with the wide-angle lens to capture such shots. A wide-angle lens can cover up the background as well as the main objects with perfect focus and light.

12. Experiment

You should experiment with different photography techniques if you want to improve your photography. Try taking pictures of the couple from different angles in different lights.

You should also take a few shots of the couple at the night with adorable lights around. You can give them a surprise by clicking the perfect portrait that can be framed later.

Take Away!

These were all the productive tips for outdoor wedding photography. Professionals always ask their students to follow the same tricks or ideas to make their shooting session successful.

Learning is the key to becoming a successful photographer. Wedding Photography requires unique skills which one should learn from practicing such ideas and following all the tips suggested by the professionals.

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