What is Canon EOS RP?

Canon EOS RPCanon EOS RP

Canon EOS RP

The Canon EOS RP is a mirrorless camera that comes with an interchangeable lens. This 26.2-megapixel camera by Canon is its recent launch that uses RF lens mount impacting in better picture quality.

This camera enables you to take your photography skills to the next level.

This full-frame mirrorless camera opens up great options for your creativity. As you go through the details of the canon camera below, you can grasp a better insight into the quality of the image it will offer through its top-notch features.

Lightweight camera body

Even if the camera is a lightweight one, it comes packed with a smart and fast lens that yields the finest image quality.

The RF lens helps to bring out the potential best of the camera in the hands of a camera enthusiast. For capturing picture-perfect frames, the RF lens offers a wide diameter, short back focus, and better communication speed.

Gives a new definition to image quality

In Canon EOS RP, the CMOS sensor works better even in low light, and this is possible due to the DIGIC 8 processor. Also, the in-built camera DLO helps get better results directly from the camera. The camera enables you to shoot in a new way with its advanced features.

How to shoot in a new way with the camera?

To get the benefits of full-frame better, the Canon EOS RP is a suitable choice.

With this camera, you can shoot in full-frame RF lenses along with EF and EF-S lenses. This enhances better optical performance resulting in better image quality.

Canon EOS handling becomes easy

The Canon EOS RP has been designed in such a way that it is comfortable and easy to hold the camera in a grip.

The camera’s style grip coupled with a high-quality Vari-angle touch screen and OLED viewfinder makes it easy to handle the camera and capture the image of your choice.

Easy focus instantly

The dual-pixel CMOS of the camera offers extended autofocus functionality with the fastest autofocus speed at 0.05 seconds. The eye autofocus helps to capture sharp portrait images. In addition to this, to capture intense portraits, the eye AF helps, and you can use depth-of-field while capturing.

Canon EOS RP offers a seamless connection

Control your camera with ease via your Wi-Fi connection through the Canon camera connect application.

You can easily manage images in the camera with the help of the application. This enables seamless connection with your smartphone and accessing the images saved in the camera memory.

Shooting high-quality movies

The dual-pixel CMOS autofocus functionality enables smooth focus while shooting movies.

You can capture steady video footage up to 4K resolution. It is also easy to use and edit the codecs of the footage. Adding to this, the headphone jack and the mic helps in better audio control of the camera.

Also, the Vari-angle touch screen enables a clear view of the focused subject in Canon EOS RP.

Camera performance and longevity of the battery

In the ISO test, Canon EOS RP stood among the best. You can get a sharp image until ISO 1600 with noticeable flaws. If you use ISO 6400, it can hamper the detailing of the picture. So, if you push the ISO higher, it will affect the details of the image.

With greater ISO, it results in visible noise in the picture, and the details of the capture become visible.

The ISO performance of canon EPS R is similar to that of the above said canon camera model. When shooting in low light using canon EOS RP, try to restrict ISO to 12000 or below to get better results.

While shooting in daylight, the EOS RP nicely handles image details and captures them, giving a more beautiful definition to the image.

In bright sunlight, the camera knows how to balance highlights and shadow details without resulting in overexposure.

Even if you wish to capture small objects at a distance, they can be captured nicely with every small detail. Also, colors look lively on purpose, and skin tones look normal on the focused object.

The battery life is pretty satisfying that allows 250 shots per charge even when you are using an LCD. However, in one charge, it allows shooting 480 stills, including dozens of short videos without the battery becoming dead fast.

Canon EOS RP comes with an external battery charger. But a Type-C power source can be used inside the camera to charge the battery as required.

Canon EOS RP comes with a compact design

Despite having a full-frame mirrorless body, it is lightweight that making it easy to handle the camera.

The shape of the camera implies that it is a well-built one, and sturdy as well with some basic dial options present on the top of the camera.

It comes with a traditional mode dial button along with additional changing settings. Other than this, the camera has a video recording option, a switch that locks the control, multi-function button that helps in quick access to different modes in the camera.

It is also easy to adjust the white balance option of the camera.

With decent port sets, OLED viewfinder and single card slot option in the camera, it is a suitable one to buy that helps hone your photography skills.

Better selection ports

The Canon EOS RP comes with separate ports for headphone sockets and microphones, USB Type-C, flash sync terminal, and Micro-HDMI port.

Though a multi-function bar is missing from Canon EOS RP, it does not have much impact in smoothly shooting using this camera.

OLED viewfinder

Even though the viewfinder is small, it is helpful in most lighting conditions. Moreover, the viewfinder is a comfortable eyepiece to look at.

Also, you will get an IP sensor with the help of which it becomes easy to switch between the camera LCD and viewfinder.

Is the single card slot helpful in the camera?

Yes, the single card slot in Canon EOS RP is helpful, and it is placed beside the battery compartment.

You can use UHS-II cards, and it is easy to handle the camera while shooting. For better grip on the camera, you will find rubber protection on the camera body.

Highlighting advantages of Canon EOS RP

  • Lightweight yet sturdy body
  • Helps capture the right quality image in daylight
  • Long battery life
  • Fully LCD touchscreen
  • Easy to use an autofocus system

The Final Verdict

When in search of an affordable full-frame mirrorless camera, it is none other than Canon EOS RP that will help you achieve better photography results.

The Canon camera with all its functionality enables it to be used by a wide set of users.

Along with easy accessibility, it has a lightweight body, easy controls, and a functional touchscreen and enables capturing a good quality image in a good light.

The dual pixel autofocus functionality of the camera helps capture still image with the finest details and 1080p videos.

Therefore, it is worth paying a high range for the camera that offers dual pixel autofocus shooting even in the case of 4k videos.

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