Canon EOS M10 Review

canon eos m10 reviewcanon eos m10 review

Canon EOS M10 Review

The Canon EOS M10 comes with an interchangeable camera lens that uses a Canon EF-M lens mount. It helps get better image quality with less noise.

Since it is an entry-level model from Canon, it lacks multiple control dials and rubber grip, including hot shoe flash which is common in large and expensive Canon cameras like Canon EOS M3.

To capture stories around you easily and share them seamlessly and wirelessly, Canon EOS M10 is the one you should look for.

Notable features of Canon EOS M10

Mirrorless cameras help to hone your photography skills better. But you should have the right camera that enables you to capture perfect images.

If you are a beginner at using high-end cameras, Canon EOS M10 is the best option for you. It is user-friendly and enables capturing of DSLR quality images by using the right adjustments.

It is a compact and portable camera that helps you know better about photography. Some of its highlighting features are elaborated in the following part.

Touch screen accessibility of Canon EOS M10

The Canon EOS M10 has a 3-inch LCD with full touchscreen functionality making it easy to handle the camera. It comes with 1.04 million pixels, and the touchscreen allows viewing the image with better details.

On the touchscreen of the camera, you can use the creative assist mode through which you can adjust the sharpness of the image, its contrast, and other attributes giving it a fine touch.

Canon EOS M10 has better ISO capability

Canon EOS M10 can capture the image in different light conditions, whether daytime or night. It offers an ISO range of 100 to 12800, and it can be expanded to 25600.

This indicates that you can capture a quality image even with the availability of low light conditions. To get better quality and clarity image, it is better to set the ISO to a lower number.

It will also reduce any unwanted noise that shows up in the image. Try to know which ISO number will be suitable to capture a quality image that shows every detail perfectly.

Canon EOS M10 has an Excellent lens compatibility

The camera comes with an APS-C sensor which implies that the camera is not only compatible with EOS M-series. It is also good to go with other EF lens along with mount Adapter EF-EOS M.

Therefore, it enables better versatility, and by using more options of the camera, you can capture picture-perfect images.

1080p video recording capability

If you love making movies, Canon EOS M10 is the camera that you should get. The camera enables capturing 1920X1080 Full HD movies and records them in MP4 format.

It is compatible and easy to share with friends and family. Unlike complicated camera functions, its touch AF function makes it easy to record videos.

So, adjust settings without many complications and record video easily.

Self-portrait mode of the camera

Nothing can be better than using the self-portrait mode of Canon EOS M10. Similar to smartphones, this Canon model also allows you to capture proper self-portraits.

Its 180-degree titled LCD touchscreen enables easy capture of self-portrait without making the image a blurry one.

Some in-camera functions like smoothing skin tones, adjusting brightness, adjusting background light, and setting proper self-timer are something for which it is worthy using Canon EOS M10.

You can also use the high or low angle concept when capturing self-portraits.

Elaborating on the design of Canon EOS M10

With an ultra-simple design, it provides excellent accessibility to this point and shoots camera. The camera has a button to capture still images and video with the help of a shutter button.

However, the switch helps to shift between video, stills, and auto mode in the camera. For entry-level camera users, the build is worth mentioning.

Its plastic body makes it easy to hold the camera, making it is a sturdy one. Since it is made from plastic, it is better to avoid contact with water.

The camera comes with a lens kit, which makes this Canon model a suitable one. The lens is smaller and lighter yet it results in a high-quality image.

The image quality of Canon EOS M10

The color reproduction by the camera is worth mentioning. Every image has a natural look in which the colors are boosted by highlighting the saturation of the image.

However, this results in little differentiation in the color touch of the image. When capturing live scenes, the white balance does an excellent job, but unfortunately, the bright gray tone of the image slightly turns to the yellow direction.

The skin tone gets a vital look, which becomes noticeable in the case of shots in portrait mode.

How to handle noise in images in Canon EOS M10?

The camera came out to be a good one in case of the noise test. When ISO exceeds more than 1600, the noise in the picture becomes visible.

If you are using ISO 6400 to 12800, the noise becomes higher, and you must use the camera’s filtering effects. This softens the contrasting lines and other minute details of the image.

How to use video format?

Video formatting and handling are important. This camera can record Full HD video with 1920X1080 pixels.

The video files are in MP4 format and it does not support other formats like AVCHD or MOV. You can use the manual exposure setting of the camera easily.

Even it has an automatic or manual sound controlling system that makes it easy to use when capturing video footage. So, using the shutter button, you can start capturing the video recording.

Here, if you use intense sharpness in the video footage, you are sure to get better results.

Some advantages of Canon EOS M10

  • Helps produce better color production enhancing image quality
  • Compact camera with easy accessibility to options
  • Operates fast compared to the first EOS M camera series
  • The camera has EF-M 15-45mm kit lens

The Final Part If you are in search of a camera that you can use everywhere and anywhere, Canon EOS M10 is the one.

Apart from its simple interface, you can use it in different light conditions yielding a good quality image. For beginners, Canon EOS M10 is the ideal option that will help hone their photography skills better.

The price of Canon EOS M10 starts from rupees 36350, reaching up to rupees 38395. Before you buy it, try to check its price both from the online and the offline store.

However, after grasping some insight into the specifications of the camera, it is worth investing in this model of Canon camera if you are a beginner and wish to learn about better photography skills.

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